Bungie might remove Power Levels in Destiny 2

Removing the power level in Destiny 2 could help simplify and streamline grinding in the game.

Bungie hit a home run with Destiny 2. But, after years of updates, some of the 2017 title's mechanics are starting to show their age. For example, the Power Level system.

Bungie Remove Power Levels Destiny
Five years in, Bungie might have to drop one of Destiny 2's oldest mechanics.

The introduction of Legend, Master, and Grandmaster difficulty tiers each season has made Power Levels redundant in recent years. So, what Destiny Leaks said on Twitter makes sense. Specifically, the well-known Destiny leaker claims that Bungie wants to remove Power Levels in Destiny 2. In fact, the leaker claims that Bungie has considered doing this since Season of the Splicer, which launched in May 2021. If this happens, the new system would reportedly use a player's temporary Artifact Level for a temporary power-up.

A permanent Power Level alternative wouldn't be the worst idea. The removal of the current system would streamline Destiny 2 for the millions of players that enjoy the game. But, we have no way to verify if this rumor is true or not.

Bungie Remove Power Levels Destiny
The Destiny 2 showcase will take place on August 23.

The good news is that Bungie does have something in store for Destiny 2 players. Fans can look forward to an August showcase for Destiny 2 and it is possible that it will drop news about the massive gameplay change at the event.

Speaking of Bungie, we haven't heard much from the studio since the Sony acquisition news earlier this year. We have zero doubts that Sony will leverage Bungie's expertise for its plans to expand its live-service games library for the next few years. As for Bungie though, we're officially in the dark about the studio's plans after Destiny 2.

However, it has left crumbs offering clues about what's next. For example, multiple job listings suggest that Bungie is working on a third-person competitive action game and an animated Destiny series.

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