Bungie Planning Additional "Destiny Universe" Media

Bungie Planning Additional "destiny Universe" Media

Bungie is in a pretty unique and unusual position in this industry. They are a very well known AAA developer responsible for multiple titles lauded as genre defining and are among the biggest players on the market, and yet they've basically been making the same two games for the past two decades - Halo, then Destiny. That's it, and one cannot understate the obvious and deliberate similarities between the two series either - so it's pretty big news when the company announces plans to get into a new IP.

News of these plans, alongside with initiatives to expand what is now called the Destiny Universe into more forms of media beyond the game itself, come alongside announcements of corporate expansion. Not only will the Bungie headquarters in Bellevue, Washington get a major expansion, the company is setting up shop in Amsterdam which will be its first international office. Of course, players don't care about this stuff, or the changes happening in company leadership and management positions.

Expansions and seasons propel the narrative in Destiny 2

What players care about are the games, and products related to the game. The biggest news is that Destiny is being expanded into additional media. Back during the lead-up to the first Destiny title, the hype was massive with many proclaiming it the "second coming" in the FPS genre with the kind of impact that Halo: Combat Evolved had. This... didn't quite happen, but nonetheless Destiny was successful and popular enough to accrue a large - if often disgruntled - fanbase and spawn a sequel.

As much as the games themselves want to convince you otherwise, Destiny does have story and lore - quite a bit of both, actually - and Bungie will be forced to tell it if they expand into other forms of media where gameplay can't hog the spotlight. The main targets are movies and television, which is unsurprising as an ever increasing number of fictional worlds and universes that started out as games make the jump to these mediums. As far as games are concerned, Bungie isn't planning on releasing a full blown sequel for Destiny 2 in the foreseeable future, instead relying on the expansions and seasons to continue the story and update the game.

Destiny Universe may expand into television and film

That said, we can expect a non-Destiny title to be launched sometime in the next four years, as declared by CEO Pete Parsons. We're curious to see if Bungie is ready to break away from the FPS space-opera combined with mystical elements, as they have well proven that they're good at this sort of thing - or maybe they'll try and put a new spin on the tried and true formula?

Destiny 2's Season of the Chosen is on-going - check out our guides on how you can unlock your Hammer of Proving and how you can earn Cabal Gold.

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