Bungie files $12 million lawsuit against Destiny 2 cheat seller

Bungie has sued Veteran Cheats for copyright infringement claims, circumvention claims, and attorney fees to the tune of $12 million.

Bungie, the studio behind Destiny 2, has expended a lot of effort to dissuade cheat developers for its looter-shooter game. Since 2021, the developer has filed several lawsuits against some of the cheat creators in an attempt to recoup damages it claims arises from the sale of said cheats.

Bungie Files  Million Lawsuit Against Destiny 2 Cheat Seller
Bungie is taking active measures to stop the operators of Destiny 2 cheat software.

In 2021, the company sued Veteran Cheats, which is one of many Destiny 2 cheat developers. Now, two years after, it has filed a motion for default judgment against the company, asking for $12 million for a variety of transgressions, including copyright infringement, circumvention, and attorney fees.


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Bungie is quoting $2,000 for each of the 5,848 cheats sold by Veteran Cheats, for a total of $11,696,000. The studio claims that Veteran Cheats’s Stripe account had a total of 5,484 different transactions for a "Destiny 2 Cheat or a premium cheat product containing Destiny 2 as an option," which explains how it came by that number. Furthermore, Bungie is claiming the sum of $146,662.28 for copyright infringement, as well as $217,250.70 in attorney fees.

In the motion document by the company’s Deputy General Counsel James Barker, Bungie says it spent over $2 million on cheat mitigation efforts alone since November 2020 with the money going towards the establishment of internal cheat detection efforts as well as different external anti-cheat software, including BattlEye.

Bungie Files $12 Million Lawsuit Against Destiny 2 Cheat Seller
The company has a new Destiny 2 expansion coming out on February 28.

Here's what Bungie had to say about the turnout of the lawsuit:

Around September 2021, shortly after this lawsuit was filed and after Destiny 2 began to employ ‘BattlEye’ anti-cheat software in addition to Bungie’s in-house tools, we observed a rapid and several-fold increase in the advertised price of tracked boosting services.

This correlation strongly suggests that cheat software is a practical necessity for that parasitic industry to function efficiently. We have no data to suggest that players using boosting services are informed when a booster plans to use cheat software and thereby imperil their account.

Bungie’s dedication to Destiny 2 will see it release the new Lightfall expansion on February 28. The expansion will introduce a new Guardian subclass branded the Strand, a new location called Neomuna, and numerous weapons and armor to boost gamers’ experience. However, there is no indication as to whether the company will develop a threequel. But, it is working with Sony on several unannounced titles as well as a mobile spinoff with NetEase. Finally, Destiny 2: Beyond Light is part of this month's PS Plus lineup.

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