New Bungie job listing suggests animated Destiny show in development

After two highly successful live-service game attempts, Bungie is expanding Destiny into other media.

Bungie's always had a penchant for working on franchises that had multimedia potential. First, there was Halo, which officially got a live-action adaptation in late March, and now, there's Destiny.

Just like with Halo before, Bungie's done an excellent job telling an expansive story in both Destiny games.

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As per a report from TheGamePost, Bungie is looking for a Senior Producer to work over at Destiny Linear Media, whose job is to "produce projects that extend the franchise into new categories including TV, films, books, comics." So, it's not just an animated Destiny show that could be in the pipeline, but everything else from comic books to novels, films, as well as a TV series. However, one good reason why Destiny is getting the animated treatment first is the recent hiring of former Riot Games director of animated short films, Derick Tsai.

According to Tsai's LinkedIn profile, he has worked as Head of Development in the Destiny Universe Transmedia at Bungie since January after spending nearly 2 years with Riot before helping grow its YouTube channel, Legends of Runeterra, by 60%, by "pushing the boundaries of genre, storytelling format, visual design and release strategy," as well as pretty much spearheading Riot's recent slate of "premium animated short films" for League of Legends.

Despite the success of recent live-action video game adaptations, an animated take on Destiny is a less risky approach.

TLDR; if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it is a duck.

Bungie's media expansion isn't necessarily tied to the Sony acquisition as the studio was also spotted hiring personnel for the same move in September. The only difference is that the new owners probably want to speed things up along after seeing the success of Halo on Paramount+ - Paramount greenlit the second season of the live-action adaptation of Microsoft's marquee shooter way before the first season even dropped. Unfortunately, the current information on Bungie's plans suggests that everything is still in its very early stages, so we probably won't hear much of non-gaming Destiny media for a while.

The good news is that Destiny's innumerable ongoing narratives lend themselves to more expansions in other media. Of course, this is a double-edged sword as Bungie's fanbase isn't easy to please.

The best-case scenario is Bungie's animated show for Destiny is more like Netflix's Arcane series. Many consider the-award winning animated show one of the best gaming-related content to air on any streaming platform or cable television in a while.

Bungie could use an animated show and maybe even a movie to expand Destiny's lore and tide fans over until the eventual release of a third Destiny game.

Speaking of Sony, the tech giant isn't done working out acquisitions. Meanwhile, Bungie is already looking towards a future without Destiny. Another set of job listings suggests that Bungie is also working on an "esport ready" third-person competitive action game.

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