Bryson Tiller jumps on the GTA 6 speculation train

The up-and-coming 30-year-old singer and rapper have been spotted playing Grand Theft Auto Online over the years.

50 Cent just sent GTA fans on a tizzy after teasing that he's involved in a GTA game in some way. It isn't clear yet if Rockstar Games is working on a live-action TV show set in the fictional Miami-inspired Vice City or if 50 Cent has joined the next GTA title, which is set in Vice City.

Ironically, Bryson Tiller is closely associated with Diddy, who's in a perpetual conflict with 50 Cent.

And, while everybody's busy speculating about 50 Cent, Bryston Tiller just jumped on the trend.

The 30-year-old singer and rapper, who plays GTA Online under the gamertag "Gawdtilla", uploaded a new Instagram story with the words "bta IV" styled in the same way as the GTA logos across a yellow background. You can also spot an "M" rating icon from the ESRB on the bottom right part of the image.

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The more positive fans believe that Tiller is also teasing his involvement in the next GTA game. However, others aren't quite convinced.

What’s this? from GTA6

One user on Reddit said that "bta IV" could mean "Bryson Tiller Album IV" but another one pointed out that it's in "in GTA's font, made in speculated GTA VI logo style, with a reversed VI, with 50 Cent posting a similar image yesterday." The same user added that "something big is definitely going to be revealed soon."

It's certainly possible that Tiller is using the GTA hype to his advantage to market his upcoming album, Serenity, which is coming later this year. At the same time, Rockstar Games could have paid Tiller to include some of his songs in the next GTA game.

More than a year after it was officially confirmed, we still don't know anything about GTA 6. Rockstar might even throw us a curveball and call it GTA: Vice City II or whatever. However, the promo that 50 Cent posted and Tiller's tease are hinting at a potential reveal coming soon, as per earlier leaks. We're hoping that Rockstar will schedule an official reveal of GTA 6 later this year.

It would be interesting to see both 50 Cent and Bryson Tiller in the next GTA game.

Who knows? Take-Two Interactive could drop the official trailer for the incoming GTA title at the long-rumored PlayStation Showcase before E3 2023. After all, Sony could end up owning the company if Microsoft successfully buys Activision Blizzard.

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