Bruen MK9 AR Hybrid Loadout Guide

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Below is our recommended Bruen MK9 loadout. Our other weapon loadout guides can be found here.

The Bruen MK9 is an LMG in Warzone that was added to the game mid-way through Season 3. The Bruen was leaked prior to its release and was code-named "LM_MKILO3".

Ever since the MK9's release, it has been praised by a lot of Call Of Duty players, and some even call it the best LMG in the game (previously, the PKM was considered the best). The Bruen MK9 can be modified using attachments and tailored according to your play style.

This guide focuses on creating a perfect "AR-like" Bruen MK9 LMG, which will focus on mobility rather than recoil. The reason being that LMGs, in general, have virtually no recoil to begin with. Removing some attachments such as the stock will increase the recoil, but not considerably, leaving the gun still very easy to use.

For this class setup, you need to rank up your Bruen MK9 to level 54, at least. You can find all the attachments along with their unlock level requirement here.

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As always, for the Muzzle attachment, you need to choose the Monolithic Suppressor. The Monolithic Suppressor is the best suppressor you can have in Warzone (and Modern Warfare). This is because the Monolithic not only suppresses your shots but also gives you additional damage range.

You can never go wrong using Monolithic Suppressor on any weapon. The Monolithic Suppressor for the Bruen MK9 unlocks at level 53.


Choosing a Barrel was a tough one for us, since two of the Barrels for Bruen MK9 give amazing benefits, but unfortunately, we can select only one. The two Barrels are the XRK Summit 26.8" and Bruen 18.0" Para. Both these are excellent Barrels to select for your weapon.

We chose the Bruen 18.0" Para since our focus is on mobility. Choosing this Barrel increases not only your ADS speed but also your overall movement speed, which is essential as LMGs slows your movement speed down.

If you do not want that extra mobility you get from Bruen 18.0" Para, then you can switch to XRK Summit 26.8" Barrel for increased recoil control, bullet velocity, and damage range. The choice here is entirely up to you to make. We prefer the Bruen 18.0" Para due to the increased overall mobility it offers.

The XRK Summit 26.8" unlocks at level 38 and Bruen 18.0" Para unlocks at level 54.


This is where you get most of your mobility out of this build. You need to choose 60 Round Mags, which will give you several benefits including increased ADS speed, increased sprint to fire speed, increased movement speed, and detachable magazine, which increases your reload speed.

60 rounds are more than enough, as that is what you get with a regular AR as well. Since we want to use this LMG as an AR hybrid, we do not need to worry about having 200 rounds or so. 60 rounds are perfect for Warzone (both Plunder and Battle Royale).

60 Round Mags unlock at level 48.


For the Stock attachment, we will choose No Stock. We will remove the stock completely. This further increases your overall mobility by increasing your movement speed and ADS speed. The aiming stability and recoil decrease a bit, but since LMGs have no recoil by default, it doesn't affect it a lot.

Tac Laser or Underbarrel

The fifth attachment is completely up to you. It depends on your play style and also your skill level in controlling your gun when shooting.

The first attachment that you can go with is the Laser attachment, choosing the Tac Laser. This is one of the best attachments for any gun in the game to increase your ADS speed considerably. In addition to increased ADS speed, it will also increase your aiming stability and aim walking steadiness.

As stated earlier, mobility is the central aspect of this build. Therefore, we went with the Tac Laser attachment on the weapon.

The second attachment that you can use here is the Command Foregrip Underbarrel, which makes up for having No Stock. Removing the stock reduces your recoil control considerably, but if you choose the Commando Foregrip, you can get that recoil control back as it gives you some recoil stabilization and aiming stability.

You can choose whatever you want as your fifth attachment based on your preference.

The Tac Laser attachment unlocks at level 51 and the Commando Foregrip attachment unlocks at level 4.

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