Brock Lesnar makes a surprise WWE return ahead of Crown Jewel

Fans believe that Brock Lesnar is preparing for a proper return at Crown Jewel next month.

Brock Lesnar hasn't been sighted in the WWE after losing to Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing match at this year's SummerSlam. Since then, expectations were that the WWE was saving the Beast Incarnate for next year's WrestleMania. However, it appears Lesnar will return to the squared circle sooner than initially thought.

Brock Lesnar Surprise Wwe Return Crown Jewel E
Brock Lesnar is most likely going to be present at Crown Jewel.

Lesnar made a resounding return to WWE on the October 10 season premiere episode of "Raw" where he appeared in Seth Rollins' stead ahead of Rollins' matchup against Bobby Lashley, the United States Champion. Not content with just messing about, Lesnar dropped an F-5, German Suplex, another F5, and, as if that wasn't enough, Lesnar locked him in a submission hold as well.

If this isn't teasing a potential bout between the two in Saudi Arabia, we don't know what is.

Lesnar has feuded with pretty much anyone who's nearly as large as he is. But, surprisingly enough, the two have sparingly met one-on-one in the ring before. Their first matchup was at the Royal Rumble event where Lesnar lost to Lashley for the WWE Championship. They'd been scheduled to square up at the Elimination Chamber event in Saudi Arabia a month later, but the WWE sidelined Lashley with an injured shoulder.

Since the rematch never happened, the WWE might be setting up another match between these two behemoths in Saudi Arabia.

Brock Lesnar Surprise Wwe Return Crown Jewel E
We're not going to lie, seeing Goldberg at Crown Jewel serve as a potential foil to Lesnar would be awesome.

It's worth noting that Roman Reigns will headline the upcoming event on November 5 at Crown Jewel as he faces off against the surprisingly good upstart, Logan Paul.

Fingers crossed, Goldberg's recent tease about a potential return has something to do with Lesnar's sudden reappearance.

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