Bridgerton video game adaptation reportedly in the works by Netflix

Netflix's next foray into the video game industry could be a video game adaptation of the period TV drama series, Bridgerton.

Netflix is the current leader in movie and TV streaming platforms. Its competition might be growing at a rapid pace, but Netflix still held a 36.2% market share in the United States as of last year. Although Netflix continues to find success with its endeavors, it may also be looking to branch out into other industries - in particular, video games.

A video game adaptation of the Bridgerton TV series by Netflix might be in the works.

According to recent reports, the streaming giant is planning to adapt the Bridgerton TV series into a video game, complete with its own dedicated fan convention.

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Is Netflix working on a Bridgerton video game adaptation?

After the success of the first season, Bridgerton was renewed for the third and fourth seasons.

In an earlier article, we reported that Netflix intends to get itself a slice of the proverbial video game pie. It has been a couple of months since, and there has been very few talks about Netflix's video game venture.

In the meantime, the streaming giant welcomed a bunch of TV shows based on video games that are either in the works or are already finished and coming soon to its streaming platform.

Now, there are rumblings about Netflix working on a Bridgerton video game adaptation.

The report comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which claims that Netflix wants to take advantage of its most popular franchises by exploring other kinds of experiences.

At the moment, details about the Bridgerton video game adaptation are scarce. However, sources are suggesting that it's only a matter of time before it is released. An unnamed source told The Hollywood Reporter that "there's revenue in marketing and creating shows/movies and events", which The Hollywood Reporter says helps explain why Netflix is considering a Bridgerton video game, as well as a fan convention, similar to the recently concluded WitcherCon.

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This report is surprising, albeit not totally outside the realm of possibility. In case you didn't know, Netflix is hosting a Bridgerton-themed ball in late 2021. All attending guests will be given appropriate period-specific attire to wear to the event, and it will also feature a string quartet playing covers of popular songs to help set the mood.

Adding a Bridgerton video game adaptation to Netflix's list of projects makes sense when you consider what it intends to do with the period drama TV series later this year.

What's next for Bridgerton?

If the reports are true, Bridgerton will join Stranger Things as the Netflix TV shows to have their own video game adaptations.

Bridgerton is a period TV drama that made its debut on Netflix back in 2020. The story is set during the Regency era in London (the early 1800s), and follows the lives of the Bridgerton siblings who belong to a family of aristocrats. The show was an instant hit with audiences and received a ton of praise from critics for its sharp writing, well-written characters, and high production value. Season two of Bridgerton is currently in the works, with a third and fourth season also guaranteed.

Given the show's success and target market (mostly teenagers and young adults), Netflix is wise to try and make a video game adaptation.

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