Undisclosed illness reportedly forces Bray Wyatt off WrestleMania 39

Bray Wyatt vs. Bobby Lashley was supposed to happen at WrestleMania 39 but it appears this is no longer the case.

Bray Wyatt will have to fight someone at some point but it probably won't be at WrestleMania 39.

Bray Wyatt is questionable for WrestleMania 39, with multiple sources suggesting that he's off the show already.

Dave Meltzer was the first to come forward and suggest that the enigmatic wrestler might not be available to wrestle with Bobby Lashley anytime soon.

According to Meltzer, an undisclosed illness has kept Wyatt on the sidelines and is the reason why he didn't appear on the March 17 episode of Friday Night SmackDown. Finally, Meltzer added that his match against Lashley at the Show of Shows is "up in the air" as we've only got weeks to go before the said event.

The last time the WWE mentioned Bray Wyatt vs Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 9 was on the March 6 episode of Monday Night RAW.

Wyatt has only wrestled once in front of live TV audiences since returning to the WWE. His only official WWE match so far has been with LA Knight in a Pitch Black match at January's Royal Rumble. Further, Wyatt hasn't appeared in dark matches and house shows since February 26.

Booker T gave his thoughts about Wyatt vs. Lashley at WrestleMania 39 in a recent Hall of Fame podcast episode as well, saying that "something is off" before explaining why it shouldn't happen:

I'm thinking no also. Who wins that match? What do we get out of that match? Who benefits from that match?" Later, he discussed how Wyatt wrestled the most when he was with The Wyatt Family. Nowadays, he believes people come to events or tune in to see Wyatt the character as opposed to Wyatt the wrestler. "I think Bray Wyatt is in a sticky situation, a slippery slope.

Bray Wyatt is one of the most entertaining WWE stars if used right but it appears that his health is limiting his performance.

It's unclear what Wyatt is dealing with but it's presumably serious enough to keep him off WrestleMania 39. In this case, the WWE will have to find a way to replace one of its hottest draws at the moment.

To make matters worse, the unavailability of Wyatt might force Lashley off WrestleMania 39 as well. But, it wouldn't surprise us if Triple H comes up with something. Turning Brock Lesnar vs. Omos into a triple-threat match with Bobby Lashley in the mix is certainly a possibility.

Speaking of unrealized potential WrestleMania 39 matches, there's still hope for Stone Cold to appear at the Showcase of the Immortals in Los Angeles in April.

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