Bray Wyatt is not coming back to the WWE anytime soon

The latest update on Bray Wyatt's status implies that he won't be appearing in front of WWE audiences until much later this year.

Bray Wyatt, an iconic WWE figure, has sparked speculations about his status in the organization. Antsy fans are waiting for the next update, especially as the WWE has sidelined Wyatt due to an undisclosed illness. Unfortunately, the recent update isn't exactly what any fan would wish to hear about Wyatt.

Bray Wyatt has never been afraid to push the envelope and try out something new, which is what WWE fans have sorely missed in his absence.

According to Fightful Select, the third-generation WWE star is no longer listed in the internal WWE roster as he deals with a still-unnamed malady.

Furthermore, the WWE has also shelved Wyatt's masked sidekick, Uncle Howdy, for the meantime.

Bray Wyatt had a touching passing of the torch kind of moment earlier this year with The Undertaker.

Known for his unique character and dynamic performances, Wyatt's return earlier this year sparked plenty of excitement among fans within the WWE universe. His ability to tell engaging if eccentric stories inside the ring has captivated audiences over the years. Most recently, Wyatt was set to feud against Bobby Lashley only for the WWE to pivot towards a different plan at the last minute.

Despite the disappointing news, fans remain hopeful that the WWE will continue to wait on Wyatt as he takes his time recovering.

Fingers crossed, Wyatt and the WWE have a surprise twist in store for fans where Wyatt will make a triumphant return.

As of the time of writing, Wyatt hasn't appeared in WWE programming for over two months. He's still under contract with the WWE after signing a new contract last year following his departure in 2021.

We're hoping that Bray Wyatt won't rush himself back into the WWE even if he's not 100% medically cleared yet.

Speaking of injuries, Wyatt's former foe, Randy Orton, is also dealing with a neck issue. It's believed that Orton has been advised not to return to the WWE anytime soon but he's expected to defy the doctor's advice and make his appearance in the near future.

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