Braun Strowman emphatic in WWE return

The former strongman competitor was released from the WWE last year due to "budget cuts".

Braun Strowman is back in the WWE a little over a year after the wrestling promotion didn't re-sign him, in an attempt to cut costs.

Braun Strowman Wwe Return
Braun Strowman made a literal and figurative statement in his return to the WWE.

Befitting his monicker, the "Monster Among Men" made an epic return on WWE Raw after weeks of speculation that he was coming back. Strowman wasted little time in his reappearance as he made a lot of heads turn (and spin) 15 minutes into the Fatal 4 Way tag match with the Number One Contenders for the Usos and their Unified Tag Team titles.

Initially, the four-way brawl between The New Day, Los Lotharios, Alpha Academy, and the Street Profits, looked no different from your usual affair. However, things started taking a turn for the worse when Strowman appeared.

Braun Strowman Wwe Return
Strowman declared that he was headed to SmackDown next to lay down some beatings.

The physically imposing figure saw red and no one proved a match to his rampage. The poor Chad Gable was the first victim to fall to the might of Strowman. From there, it was an all-out massacre. Even the security personnel couldn't hold Braun down. If nothing else, this is a clear sign that the new Triple H regime knows exactly what to do with Strowman now that he's signed with the WWE again.

The former Universal Champion has headlined several pay-per-view events for the WWE in the past and his return can only mean things are on the up and up for the wrestling promotion.

The only downside with Strowman's show of force is that there are no new contenders for Jimmy and Jey Uso, who have held the title of "Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions" after they won against the RK-Bro team-up of Randy Orton and Riddle in May.

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