Borderlands 3 In-Depth Class Mods Guide

Borderlands 3 is one of the most customization-heavy games available. Aside from the standard gear, the Class Mods (aka Class Optimization Modules or COMs) play a vital role in building your Vault Hunter character. These apply anything from boosting character stats to adding bonuses to effects in the case of Legendary Class Mods.

Borderlands 3 In-depth Class Mods Guide

The mechanics and the sheer range of customization and options that Class Mods in the game can be bewildering to a newbie. So let us take a look at the system and how to best apply Class Mods for your Borderlands 3 character!

Need to get the best Class Mods? Check out this guide!
Need to get the best Class Mods? Check out this guide!

What are Class Mods in Borderlands 3?

Class Mods in Borderlands 3 are like equipment but are specific to each character class in the game. The class a Class Mod belongs to is identified by the icons on it (which are unique to each of the 4 character classes in Borderlands 3).

Unlike equipment such as weapons, Class Mod effects are mostly passive and are always “on” as long as the character has a Class Mod slotted in. They are similar to how other games augment characters (as with Cyberpunk 2077’s cyberware).

The Class Mods in the game vary in rarity. Generally, the rarer the Class Mod is, the better the bonuses. Rarity of Class Mods is determined by their color:

  • Common – White
  • Uncommon – Green
  • Rare – Blue
  • Epic - Purple
  • Legendary – Gold

Class Mods will often have a bonus modifier to them, which are applied to Stats and Skills of each character. The bonuses for Stats based on rarity are:

  • Common - Zero or 1 stat bonus
  • Uncommon – 1 stat bonus
  • Rare – 1 to 2 stat bonuses
  • Epic – 2 stat bonuses
  • Legendary – 3 stat bonuses

Meanwhile, Skill bonuses from Class Mod rarity are as follows:

  • Common – 1 Skill bonus
  • Uncommon – 2 Skill bonuses
  • Rare – 3 Skill bonuses
  • Epic – 4 Skill bonuses
  • Legendary – 5 Skill bonuses

These bonuses are applied to the skills and stats as if the character spent the points in them, and can even gain benefits for ones they have not put even one point in yet. Moreover, these bonuses can increase the modifiers beyond the cap. This is good for maximizing specialties or branching out to improve sub-par stats and skills.

In addition, Class Mods can add weapon bonuses depending on the Manufacturer:

  • Accuracy – All except Atlas and Jakobs
  • Critical Damage – Atlas, Dahl, Hyperion, Jakobs
  • Fire Rate – All except Jakobs and Torgue
  • Projectile Speed – Torgue
  • Reload Speed – All except COV

All Manufacturer-specific Class Mods have varying degrees of bonuses to Weapon Damage.

How To Acquire and Unlock Class Mods

Class Mods can drop early on from enemies, especially bosses. However, you will find characters are unable to use them initially. Class Mods can drop from loot or can be found in chests. Later on, vending machines will also generate Class Mods for purchase.

You need to defeat Gigamind to unlock Class Mods.
You need to defeat Gigamind to unlock Class Mods.

In order to unlock the ability to slot in Class Mods, you will have to progress enough in the Main Story.

  • Make your way to Pandora.
  • Attain the Hostile Takeover story quest and reach Promethea.
  • Defeat the boss battle with Gigamind.

Gigamind will drop a Class Mod that fits your Vault Hunter, but you may likely have Class Mods already in your inventory prior to getting to this point. Regardless, the previously locked option will now be available in the character inventory to slot Class Mods. After completing Hostile Takeover, the Golden Chest at Sanctuary III will also start producing Class Mods whenever you open it with a Golden Key.

One point to consider with Class Mods is that you will pick up ones that are for other Vault Hunter classes than what you are currently using. While you cannot use these, you can sell them at vending machines for cash. Class Mods are particularly sought after by players for customizing their builds.

Once you complete the Hostile Takeover quest, the Class Mod Option becomes Available!
Once you complete the Hostile Takeover quest, the Class Mod Option becomes Available!

The Best Class Mods in Borderlands 3

With all the various Class Mods that one can pick up, it can be tricky to choose which ones to keep and which ones to sell. Inventory space can pile up really quickly, so hoarding might not be ideal. Thus, it would be prudent to know which ones are the best.

While there are many factors to consider (i.e. weapon choice, playstyle, etc.), these are arguably the best Class Mods for each of the Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3. Note that all of them are Legendary rarity and are often difficult to farm, but are well worth the effort.

Amara – Spiritual Driver

Amara is a damage machine with Spiritual Driver!
Amara is a damage machine with Spiritual Driver!

Obtained from:

  • Sylestro in Tazendeer Ruins on Nekrotafeyo.
  • Wotan the Invincible in Midnight's Cairn.

Bar none, the best Class Mod for Amara. "Only on the brink can we see so clearly" applies whatever elemental effect that her Action Skill employs to herself. Combine that with the ability to boost her gun’s damage while she moves and you are looking at huge damage spikes. If the Spiritual Driver gets further bonuses to Amara’s Mindfulness skill to increase her movement speed, that’s a whole lot of damage dealt wicked fast!

FL4K – Bounty Hunter

Make Bosses shake in fear with FL4K with Bounty Hunter Class Mod!
Make Bosses shake in fear from facing FL4K with Bounty Hunter Class Mod!

Obtained from:

  • Can be from any source that drops legendary loot.
  • Has higher drop chance from Lt. Preston in Nekrotafeyo.

If you want a Borderlands 3 boss shaking in its boots, then you send FL4K with the Bounty Hunter Class Mod. The Class Mod ability "The world is made up of two classes - the hunter and the huntees" might seem have a low proc rate at 3%, but being able to trigger any Hunt Skill is really powerful.

But more than that, just having the Bounty Hunter Class mod treats bosses as humans, beasts, and robots. This will trigger FL4K’s Hunter skills like Interplanetary Stalker and Hunter’s Eye. Hunter’s Eye is particularly good as it increases critical damage on humans, armor damage against robots, and damage reduction against beasts. This means all 3 effects will apply when facing against all bosses with the Bounty Hunter Class Mod!

Moze – Bloodletter

With the Bloodletter, Moze's Shields are virtually unbreachable!
With the Bloodletter, Moze's Shields are virtually unbreachable!

Obrained from:

  • Can be from any source that drops legendary loot.
  • Higher drop rate from Skag of Survival in Gradient of Dawn

"Ideas are bulletproof" is amazing on Moze. It generates shields when Moze is healed, regenerates shields as she regenerates health, and reduces shield recharging rate. While this requires some thought with building as you will need the right weapons and gear to take the most advantage, the tankiness from such ridiculous shields (especially with a the Deathless artifact that doubles all shield capacities and speeds at the cost of dropping Moze’s health to one) is a sight to behold!

Zane – Antifreeze

+40% damage when sliding or airborne? Perfect fit for Zane!
+40% damage when sliding or airborne? Perfect fit for Zane!

Obtained from:

  • Arbalest of Discipline on Precipice Anchor
  • Wotan the Invincible in Midnight's Cairn

Zane is not the center of attraction when it comes to damage output, but this Class Mod gives a ton of surprise burst damage to the unsuspecting. "Jet Propulsion Disengage" boosts his damage by as much as 40% and 20% damage reduction when Zane is airborne or sliding. If you’re playing Zane, then this is pretty much always. As an added bonus, the Antifreeze Class Mod virtually gives Zane immunity to Slow effects!

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