Bonnie Ross resigns from 343 Industries and Microsoft

The Halo franchise just lost one of its key players amidst a very trying time for the formerly marquee shooter franchise.

Bonnie Ross isn't just the head of 343 Industries - she is 343.

At this point, you can't help but wonder if Halo Infinite can still recover.

Bonnie has led 343 since its existence, which makes her departure a big deal.

The 17-year Microsoft veteran confirmed that she's leaving the studio effective immediately to deal with a family medical issue.

343 and Halo have seen better days. After delaying Halo Infinite for a year following the initial backlash, the latest Halo game has been fraught with bugs and issues.

Positive campaign mode reviews couldn't save the game's reputation after 343 revealed that Infinite would launch without several fan-favorite features. The last we heard is that 343 has, once again, pushed back the campaign co-op and forge mode, among others features, to November. But, given what's happened lately, we wouldn't be surprised if 343 delays the incoming Infinite update for the nth time.

Going back to the topic of Ross, her departure leaves a chasm that 343 will have plenty of problems filling. Infinite has already begun bleeding what's left of its small player base and things aren't going to get any better with Ross' resignation.

Bonnie Ross' resignation is likely permanent.

If it's any consolation, Microsoft is aware of how big Ross' responsibility was over at 343. In a statement to Windows Central, Microsoft confirmed that it will replace Ross with three people: Pierre Hintze (Studio Head), Bryan Koski (Franchise General Manager), and Elizabeth Van Wyck (Business Head). Hopefully, this trio can guide Halo Infinite to much better days.

Speaking of Halo, Microsoft and Paramount struck gold with the live-action adaptation that premiered earlier this year. Season 2 has already started filming.

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