Bobby Lashley wants to fight Dave Bautista in the WWE

If this dream match does come to fruition, it will likely leave an indelible mark on wrestling history, and the fans are the biggest winners.

Unlike his other contemporaries who have occasionally appeared in the WWE in recent years, Dave Bautista has taken a complete leave of absence since 2019.

In a recent appearance on the Perform Podcast, WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley, who's renowned for his prowess in combat sports, candidly expressed his wish to face off against Hollywood heavyweight and former WWE Superstar, Dave Bautista.

Lashley, also known as The All-Mighty, believes such a showdown would be a thrilling spectacle for the fans and would be a huge draw. 

Bautista, fondly remembered as either The Animal or Batista by WWE fans, was last seen in the wrestling ring back in 2019 at WrestleMania 35. His showdown with Triple H marked the end of his wrestling career as he transitioned to Hollywood, garnering a new realm of fame and fan following. His career trajectory post-WWE is something Lashley deeply admires.

Bobby Lashley is running out of other wrestlers to feud with in the WWE.

In the same conversation, Lashley expressed his admiration for Batista's career, stating, "I love where Dave is and I never try to drum up any controversy or any kind of friction. Dave is definitely somebody I would love to have a match with. It would be something that would do some huge box office numbers."

Both Batista and Lashley share unique similarities in their careers. Having transitioned from professional wrestling to Mixed Martial Arts MMA and back to wrestling, they both carry the aura of real fighters who've tested their mettle in both scripted and non-scripted combat. Batista's MMA career was relatively short-lived, but Lashley boasts an impressive record of 15-2, with his last fight in 2016, where he triumphed over Josh Appelt.

Interestingly, a showdown between these two powerhouses would be a clash of wrestling titans but a competition between two athletes with proven MMA backgrounds, adding an additional layer of excitement and unpredictability to the potential matchup.

Despite being nearly 50 years old, Bobby Lashley remains as spry and as agile as ever.

While he's confident in his abilities and competitive spirit, Lashley maintains a sportsmanlike attitude, constantly reminding fans that regardless of who triumphs in the ring, the real winners are the audience who get to witness such a thrilling spectacle.

Lashley only recently returned to the WWE after a brief hiatus following his André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal win back in March. He was initially scheduled to feud with Bray Wyatt in the lead-up to and at WrestleMania 39 but a still-undisclosed illness continues to plague the third-generation WWE superstar. For now, Lashley's current WWE plotline sees him engaging with several other stars, indicating that he's on the lookout for a potential stable in Friday Night SmackDown. It's believed that Lashley will eventually form a new faction with Trick Williams as well as the reigning NXT Champion, Carmelo Hayes.

The idea of a Lashley versus Batista matchup, however, will not only hinge on Lashley's desire but also on Batista and if he's willing to return to the ring. The Hollywood star has been dedicated to his acting and potential risks of injury might make him hesitant to reenter the wrestling arena.

Dave Bautista might never return to the WWE full-time but we hope he's willing to give another run a go.

Even though Batista's return seems uncertain due to his thriving acting career, the wrestling community relishes the idea of such a mega showdown. The nostalgic memories of Batista's reign as The Animal and Lashley's current dominance in WWE make this potential matchup a mouth-watering prospect for wrestling and entertainment fans worldwide.

While the future remains uncertain, one thing is for sure - The Animal vs The Almighty would truly be one for the books.

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  1. I still remember his OG walk off where he sat in a chair pouting and then said he quit and went on to do movies and whatever. I think he is more of a movie guy at this point.

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