Bobby Lashley turned down Mortal Kombat and Stranger Things roles

The All Mighty turned down some big offers due to a busy schedule with the WWE.

Bobby Lashley is one of many retired and current professional wrestlers who have made the move to Hollywood, and he is also one of the few who has turned down an opportunity to star in a film or TV role.

Bobby Lashley Raw

Currently signed with WWE, Bobby revealed in an interview with Sidewalk Entertainment that he had been offered roles in some recent big projects, saying:

I did a handful of movies when I was in-between fighting for a while, from my first run in WWE to my second run. I did about four or five (movies). Little, small parts. They needed that big bad villain to come in there, and I played that part. Of course, I got killed every time. I was offered things afterward. I was offered Mortal Kombat. There was Stranger Things. There were a lot of different ones that I was offered. At the time, I wasn't really focused on doing that. I was fighting at the time, I was trying to get back in professional wrestling. The acting part was something that I was interested in, but I don't think it was the right timing. When I came back to WWE, I started doing more acting classes, working on that, and now I'm more open to doing it. We have some different projects in line right now. I can see myself kind of moving into a bigger role and doing some more movies when I slow it down in professional wrestling.

However, the mixed martial artist didn't disclose the roles he was offered in Mortal Kombat and Stranger Things.

Bobby Lashley Wwe
Bobby Lashley is the third African-American to hold the WWE Championship after The Rock and Kofi Kingston.

The All Mighty will face Seth Rollins and Austin Theory in a triple threat match for the WWE US Championship at WWE Survivor Series on November 26, 2022. Seth Rollins is the current champion following his victory over Bobby Lashley on the October 10, 2022 episode of Raw.

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