Adam Pearce fires Bobby Lashley, then rescinds the termination a day later

The WWE Director of Live Events issued a statement stating that Lashley would face repercussions for his actions.

Bobby Lashley has become the new face of WWE controversy after his recent antics resulted in his being fired by Adam Pearce, a decision that was rescinded shortly after.

Lashley Pearce

During the December 12 episode of Raw, Bobby Lashley went up against Seth Rollins in a match that would decide the #1 contender for Austin Theory's United States Championship. The match, which was held at Fiserv Forum in Wisconsin, ended in defeat for Lashley after Rollins countered his spear with Triple H's finishing maneuver, the Pedigree. However, the All Mighty didn't take the final result too kindly and instead opted to take out his frustration on the referee by attacking him.

Subsequently, Adam Pearce came onto the ring to condemn Lashley's actions, an act that prompted Lashley to shove him to the barricade. Pearce, in a show of force, fired the two-time WWE Champion instantly.

A day later, Adam Pearce posted a video on Twitter in which he backtracked on his decision to terminate Lashley's contract. However, the current Director of WWE Live Events was quick to reprimand Bobby's recent behavior, which seems to have become a trend since this was the second time in two weeks that he had attacked a referee. Following up on this, Pearce stated that the altercation would be addressed and there'll be ramifications for Bobby.

WWE seems to be turning Lashley into a heel after the Crown Jewel match against Brock Lesnar, where he viciously attacked Lesnar after losing to him. It is likely that WWE will set up a third match where the two rivals will finally settle the score and put an end to their feud.

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