Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar rivalry to continue after Crown Jewel match

Lashley's latest loss in Saudi Arabia against Lesnar evened the score, which sets things up for a third rematch to settle things once and for all.

WWE fans have been asking for the wrestling promotion to use Brock Lesnar as a baby face for the better part of the past two years and it looks like it's finally happening.

Bobby Lashley Brock Lesnar Rivalry Continue
We never thought that we'd see the day the WWE use Brock Lesnar as a babyface but here we are.

The recent turn of events just proved that Bobby Lashley has turned heel. After Lashley lost to Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel, the All-mighty put the Beast Incarnate in the Hurt Lock and Lesnar lay lifeless in the ring.

This guarantees that the WWE is setting up a Lashley vs Lesnar III, possibly in the near future. The unconfirmed upcoming matchup will serve as the tie-breaker as the two are currently tied with one win a piece. It's worth noting that Lashley defeated Lesnar at the Royal Rumble earlier this year.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently noted that WWE is already setting the stage for the third match between Lesnar and Lashley.

Further adding fuel to the speculation fire, Lashley appeared on WWE's The Bump to claim that Lesnar is afraid of him. Specifically, the former WWE Champion explains Lesnar won't be as confident the next time they square up, describing him as a "little leery" and "he's going to actually have to train because he knows it's not going to be a pushover."

Those are quite powerful words from Lashley but he's also one of the few in the WWE  who can physically match up against Lesnar.

Continuing on Lashley's heel turn, he decimated Seth Rollins and Austin Theory in his most recent appearance on Monday Night Raw.

Having said that, the direction that the WWE is going with Lesnar and Lashley is interesting. Since Reigns holds both the WWE and Universal Championships, neither can contend for it at the same time. It also appears that Triple H already has an idea of who will beat Reigns eventually and people believe that the honor goes to Cody Rhodes. This means that these two behemoths will have to be a mid-card scene right now, which means the fans will walk away as the winners regardless.

Bobby Lashley Brock Lesnar Rivalry Continue
Bobby Lashley is one of the few people in the WWE who can put Brock Lesnar in a Hurt Lock and make it look believable.

Hopefully, the WWE will book these wrestlers a proper match-up that gives their feud-ending rematch justice.

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