Blumhouse's new film Totally Killer has a similar plot to the 2015 movie The Final Girls

Totally Killer is a horror comedy film from Blumhouse Productions that will arrive on Prime Video this October.

Totally Killer will premiere on Prime Video this October.

On Monday, Blumhouse Productions gave us our first look into its upcoming horror comedy film titled Totally Killer, and you'd be forgiven for double checking whether you're reading about another movie that came out a while back. 

The film follows 17-year-old Jamie who accidentally travels 35 years back in time after an encounter with the Sweet Sixteen Killer. The Sweet Sixteen Killer is a murderer who gruesomely killed three teens during Jamie's mother's youth and is now seeking to add a fourth victim in the present.

In the past, Jamie meets the teenage version of her mother. Then, the two work together to take down the Sweet Sixteen Killer and prevent them from ever murdering anybody. However, they are in a race against time as every second Jamie spends in the past increases her risk of being stuck there forever.

When Totally Killer's plot synopsis made it to Twitter, many people remarked that it is similar to another horror comedy film: 2015's The Final Girls. Todd Strauss-Schulson, the director of that film, felt the same way. Taking to his Twitter account, he remarked, "Didn't I already make this movie?" under a post about the Blumhouse project.

Strauss-Schulson's The Final Girls follows a young woman named Max. Three years after she loses her actress mother in a car accident, she and her friends are mysteriously transported into the world of a horror film. Coincidentally, that horror film was Max's mom's final feature before her death.

To defeat the film's machete-wielding antagonist, Max teams up with her mother, who eventually has to sacrifice herself so her daughter can survive. Even though both films have different settings, you would agree that their premises sound similar.

Of course, the similarities could be by happenstance or Totally Killer's writers could have taken inspiration from The Final Girls. But since neither Prime Video nor Blumhouse has addressed the situation, there is no way for us to know what happened for sure.

On Twitter, many people believe that Totally Killer's writers copied the plot of The Final Girls for the film.

Totally Killer stars Olivia Holt, Kiernan Shipka, Julie Bowen, Kelcey Mawema, Lochlyn Munro, Diana Liberato, and Randall Park, among others. Iranian American director Nahnatchka Khan helms the film based on a script by David Matalon, Sasha Perl-Raver, and Jen D'Angelo.

Totally Killer is the second feature film that Khan will direct after Netflix's Always Be My Maybe. Her other directorial credits include the stand-up comedy special Ali Wong: Don Wong, Fresh Off the Boat, and Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23.

Totally Killer will start streaming on Prime Video on October 6.

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