Blue Protocol gets hit with a massive delay

The MMORPG from Amazon and Bandai Namco is coming out next year for the rest of the world after Japan gives it an extended test.

Blue Protocol is coming out in June but only in Japan. Western gamers will have to wait until 2024 to get their hands on the new title.

Blue Protocol's western release has been delayed to next year.

The upcoming free-to-play MMORPG from Bandai Namco and Amazon will launch on June 14th in Japan only. However, the gamers from other territories will have a long wait before the game gets a global release. Blue Protocol will be having a closed beta test this year and preregistration is now open for Japanese players.

"We’re excited to celebrate Bandai Namco Online & Bandai Namco Studios’ announcement for Blue Protocol's Japan release on June 14!" Blueprotocol announcement reads. "Our release is moving to 2024 as we work toward launching in the West across PC, Xbox X|S, and PlayStation 5."

Blue Protocol was presented last year at The Game Awards. Bandai Namco developed the Genshin Impact-esque title with Amazon Games handling the global release. Amazon revealed that the game would have a spring release in Japan and globally late in 2023.

Amazon and Bandai Namco did not reveal a reason for the delayed launch of the game.

What we know about Blue Protocol

Blue Protocol will release in Japan on June 14.

The upcoming MMORPG will be set in the world of Regnas around 2,000 years in the future. The planet is on the brink of destruction after ages of conflict and overuse.

Players will be facing giant beasts that have awakened on Regnas. Gamers will discover the character’s backstory through the story campaign.

Blue Protocol will have five starting classes that players can choose from. Each class will be equipped with unique weapons and varying playstyles.

Players who want to use the traditional sword and shield can choose the Blade Warden. The Twin Striker is similar to the Barbarian and can dual-wield swords and axes. Spell Weavers will be your mage class while the Keen Strider is similar to the archer. The Foe Breaker is your heavy hitter using the massive hammer to deal big damage.

Players will have full character customization in Blue Protocol.

Gamers will enjoy full character customization in the upcoming MMORPG. Characters can equip armor, clothes, and cosmetic items to make them unique. Players can also choose between horses and wolves for their mounts.

Crafting will play a huge part in Blue Protocol. Gamers can craft weapons and armor to fit their characters and playstyles.

Blue Protocol will feature a fast-paced and fluid combat system where players can customize skills to fit how they want to play. The MMORPG will feature four-player party co-op and 30-player boss raids.

Blue Protocol is coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S on June 14 in Japan and will launch globally in 2024.

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