Nick Wechsler's Blue Hawk joins the Boys Season 3 in latest teaser

Here is your first look at the latest Supe to join Amazon Prime Video's superhero satire series, The Boys.

Unfortunately, The Boys Season 3 still isn't here. Amazon Prime Video has given no clue as to when the third season for its superhero satire series is going to arrive. However, the studio hasn't slowed down with its constant updates, including a monthly set of in-universe broadcasts on the fictional Vought News Network, with Cameron Coleman keeping audiences all over the world updated about all the latest happenings inside The Boys' universe.

Blue Hawk Joins The Boys In Latest Teaser
Amazon Prime Video's The Boys introduced fans to the latest Supes to join the show.

For its latest episode, Coleman gave audiences their first look at the newest Supe: Blue Hawk, who is played by none other than Nick Wechsler of Dynasty fame.

The Boys' list of Supes just keep on getting bigger

Blue Hawk Joins The Boys In Latest Teaser
It's been well over a year since The Boys Season 2 dropped.

Blue Hawk enters The Boys as the latest "patriotic" Supe and the spokesperson for OurSheet's latest product line, For Freedom. The news excerpt reveals Weschler's Supe persona in The Boys, complete with his costume that looks more like a glorified mall cop rather than someone who'd strike fear in the hearts of criminals.

Mind you, Blue Hawk isn't the only new Supe joining The Boys. The Walking Dead's Laurie Holden is also part of The Boys now as Crimson Countess, with other Supes such as Gunpowder and Supersonic also joining the fray.

Meanwhile, if you're hoping for more news about familiar faces showing up in The Boys Season 3, it's worth sticking around to finish the broadcast. For one, Black Noir is back. He's reportedly gone on a "return mission" now that he's fully recovered from Queen Maeve's allergic reaction. Meanwhile, Homelander also made an appearance, addressing the citizens of America right up from his proverbial high horse that is the Vought Tower.

Unfortunately, we still don't have a release date for The Boys Season 3 yet. If it's any consolation, we know that it's already finished filming. In addition, Amazon Studios has also greenlit a spin-off going forward. Even if it might take a while for Season 3 of The Boys to drop, it appears that Amazon is already preparing for the future.

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