Bloober Team denies Silent Hill leaks

After partnering with Konami, Bloober Team just denied all the Silent Hill leaks and rumors.

Silent Hill and Bloober Team seem like a match made in heaven. The Polish video game developer is responsible for psychological horror titles such as Layers of Fear and The Medium, as well as the criminally underrated Blair Witch video game.

Bloober Team just put the Silent Hill rumors to rest with its latest statement.

So, when Bloober Team announced that it had struck a partnership with the Japanese video game publisher, Konami, the most obvious conclusion was that Bloober Team will be working on a brand new Silent Hill game.

Unfortunately, it seems like this isn't the case after the studio itself came out to put an end to all the rumors.

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Is Bloober Team working on a Silent Hill game?

Layers of Fear 2 was one of the projects that were leaked earlier this week.

You know that people are starved for a new Silent Hill game when they start grasping at straws.

Earlier this year, there were rumors that Bloober Team was working on a Silent Hill game. After this, audiences started flocking to Abandoned, which many believed was a Silent Hill game in disguise until the developers went ahead and denied the rumors outright.

Then, just a few weeks later, there was the announcement that Silent Hill's publishers, Konami, had partnered with Bloober Team, which is when the speculations simply took off.

Unfortunately, it seems like all the rumors were just much ado about nothing.

According to Bloober Team's chief marketing officer Tomasz Gawlikowski, who recently sat down and spoke with IGN, none of the projects that fans believed were Silent Hill are in active development. In fact, the project codenamed H2O is already finished, with Layers of Fear 2 having already released back in 2019. Meanwhile, both Black and Dum Spiro have been shelved.

Gawliskowski added that Bloober Team tried hard to make Dum Spiro both culturally appropriate and commercially viable. Unfortunately, the studio just could not decide on what to do with it.

Had it been released, Dum Spiro would have been a horror game set during World War 2 in a ghetto for Polish Jews, which implied that it would have involved talking about the Holocaust. This would explain why Bloober Team had difficulty finding a way to tackle the sensitive topic of the game in an appropriate way, while essentially commercialising it at the same time.

On the other hand, Black was less controversial. Yet, Bloober Team gave up on it anyway. The game would've explored aliens in a medieval setting and would have required some pretty creative chops, or so to speak, to pull off successfully.

Either way, none of these two sounds like a Silent Hill game, so it's weird that fans even thought that Black or Dum Spiro were codenames for one.

However, Gawlikowski did add later on that Bloober Team is still working on a new project under the codename Black.

What's next for Bloober Team?

It will be interesting to see what Bloober Team is up to after saying that its upcoming projects are bigger than The Medium.

None of this means that Bloober Team isn't working on a Silent Hill game. If you look at it from a different angle, Gawliskowski's statement suggests that Bloober Team was working on a different game before the partnership was announced. Now that it had partnered with Konami, Bloober Team might really be working on a Silent Hill game.

Of course, all of this is still just speculation.

What is a sure thing is Gawliskowski confirming that Bloober Team currently has two projects in active development. The first one is already in its production phase and the other in pre-production. He added that both are bigger than The Medium, but their two in-development titles don't have anything to do with whatever everyone is saying online.

At this point, we recommend jumping off the Silent Hill hype train. Bloober Team doesn't want to talk about whether it's working on a Silent Hill game.

If it's true that Bloober Team and Konami partnered on a Silent Hill game, it's better that we just wait for either of them to announce it.

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