Bloober Team and Konami team up amidst Silent Hill rumors

As fans speculate about the status of the next Silent Hill game, Bloober Team and Konami have announced it has struck a strategic partnership.

It's safe to say that fans have been starved for more Silent Hill content ever since Konami canceled the Silent Hills project back in 2015, following a messy divorce from video game auteur, Hideo Kojima.

After working on Blair Witch and The Medium, it looks Bloober Team plans to take its horror talents to the Silent Hill games.

Since then, players have desperately tried to piece bits of information together in an attempt to try and find out if a secret Silent Hill game is in the works. It's even gotten to the point that a game by a relatively unknown studio, Abandoned, has become the subject of extreme scrutiny in recent weeks. Fans are adamant that it's a Silent Hill game hiding in plain sight.

Whether Abandoned is Silent Hill or not, we won't know for sure until its showcase in August and is released later this year.

Now, a recent partnership between the Silent Hill IP owner, Konami, and Bloober Team, might be the confirmation that Silent Hill fans have been waiting to receive for years.

What does the Konami and Bloober Team collaboration mean?

Konami has a treasure trove of IPs just begging for a new game.

Right before the calendar turned to July, Konami announced that it had struck a strategic partnership with the Polish company, Bloober Team.

Bloober Team is an independent video game development studio that's behind some of the best horror games that have been released in recent times. The studio's resume includes the likes of Layers of Fear, Blair Witch, and The Medium, the former Xbox-exclusive that's slated to release on the PS5 soon, among others.

If you remember, we noted in an earlier article that Bloober Team was rumored to be working with Konami on a new Silent Hill game.

Now that Konami and Bloober Team have officially teamed up together, the earlier rumors are all but confirmed. It would also be in line with what others have speculated about Konami. The rumor mill is filled with talk about Konami being more willing to work with other developers to essentially "lease" its other big IPs, after the colossal failure that was Metal Gear Survive.

Speaking of Konami, the once-dormant Japanese video game giant has been more active in recent months. In addition to confirming that it is working on a new game, the company also mentioned that it had numerous projects in development after skipping E3 2021.

We've also spotted Castlevania Advance Collection being rated in Australia. Plus, there are ongoing rumors that a Metal Gear Collection is being planned for a 2021 release.

Here's to hoping that all these rumors and speculations pan out well. Konami has been sitting on some of gaming's biggest and most iconic franchises. We've been hoping for a while that Konami would do something about the treasure trove of IPs that it is currently sitting on.

Now that Bloober Team is working with Konami, it's safe to say that Silent Hill is in good hands.

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