Blizzard will literally clean your house for you so you can play Diablo 4

Talk about making a deal with the devil, Blizzard Entertainment's latest Diablo 4 marketing stunt sounds so dumb that it's smart.

Let's face it, gamers aren't the tidiest bunch. At least, not all of the time.

As far as wacky marketing stunts go, Blizzard Entertainment might have just went with the most practical one.

Sure, most are organized, and do an excellent job keeping their in-game inventories in check. But, they tend to let their chores pile up whenever they're knee-deep into their latest dungeon crawl.

So, when you're the developers of one of the best time-sinks of all time, what do you do to generate even more hype for the latest installment of your best-selling franchise? Well, you offer free cleaning, of course!

One can't exactly say that Blizzard Entertainment doesn't know its market. Ahead of the open beta schedule for Diablo 4, the famed studio is pulling off one of the more unique marketing stunts in recent memory.

In partnership with Thumbtack, a home service directory that offers everything from power-washing your windows to doing your laundry and everything in between, Diablo 4 is giving away $20,000 in services to the lucky few Diablo 4 players so they can focus on what's important over the weekend.

Well, technically, it's not $20,000 for one person. The prize money is divvied up into $200 worth of cleaning for a thousand people. But, hey, free's free.

As far as making deals with the devil go, this is as good as they can get.

In all seriousness, Blizzard deserves props for its latest promotion. It's less of a joke when you consider that the likely vast majority of its player base is bogged down by jobs, bills, and chores. The least Blizzard can do is scratch one off that list for a handful, so that they can reminisce their halycon days of gaming even if only for a weekend.

Don't deny it, your spouse, roommates, and/or your parents, have probably complained about how untidy your room can get when you're binging.

This way, Blizzard is giving a fair few a shot at enjoying the upcoming APRG properly with minimal stress.

Blizzard Entertainment appears to have a winner on their hands with Diablo 4.

Of course, the detractors will say that Blizzard will probably want to invest in a new server first. The closed beta test went by with relatively minimal issues outside of, well, not being able to get in. Now that it's open to everybody, all bets are off.

Don't be surprised if you end up doing some cleaning yourself while waiting for your chance to get into a server.

Ray Ampoloquio
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