Black Myth: Wukong stuns audiences in latest Unreal Engine 5 trailer

The move to Unreal Engine 5 makes what was already a gorgeous game in Black Myth: Wukong even more of a spectacle.

Game Science first revealed Black Myth: Wukong back in 2020 and fans have been waiting for more news ever since. The initial announcement went viral as pre-alpha footage of the game, made in Unreal Engine 4, amazed audiences. It quickly converted fans out of the 2 million-plus viewers on YouTube that watched the full trailer on its first day alone.

Black Myth Wukong Unreal Engine Trailer
Black Myth: Wukong is expected to release sometime in 2023.

Fast forward to a year later and Black Myth: Wukong looks even more amazing - Game Science has clearly been hard at work. It even switched engines and opted to use Unreal Engine 5 for Black Myth: Wukong instead, much to the game's benefit.

Black Myth on Unreal Engine 5 is pure eye candy

Black Myth Wukong Unreal Engine Trailer
The ability to grow his staff to ridiculous lengths and sizes is one of Wukong's many talents in the Journey to the West mythology.

There is currently no game on the market that uses Unreal Engine 5. Although several games currently in development with Unreal Engine 5, very few if any at all have extensive gameplay trailers available similar to Black Myth. With Epic Games and Nvidia both lending Game Science a hand with the engine switch, Black Myth: Wukong will support 4K resolution at 60 frames per second with ray tracing and Nvidia DLSS when it's available sometime in 2023.

Judging by the reactions to the latest gameplay test video, it's safe to say that the improvements were all worth it.

Black Myth's latest gameplay showcase takes place in an entirely new location from the first video. This time around, Game Science chose an expansive snow-filled landscape instead of a luscious forest. The location choice works particularly well for the trailer, creating some interesting scenarios that show off Black Myth's excellent snow physics. You can see the visual impact of every blow, whether it's by the titular protagonist or the enemies.

We also get a chance to appreciate just how much Game Science is sticking to Wukong's mythology in Black Myth. Near the end of the video, we can see Wukong growing his staff to a gargantuan size while battling a giant dragon. This move is Wukong's signature ability in the classical Journey to the West myth.

Black Myth Wukong Unreal Engine Trailer
Black Myth: Wukong joins a long list of adaptations of Journey to the West.

According to several sources, Wukong will have 72 different abilities in Black Myth. Thus, we can expect to see more of Wukong's special talents in future gameplay trailers.

Unfortunately, Black Myth: Wukong doesn't have a confirmed, specific release date. Because the latest trailer is a gameplay test, we can assume that this is a very early build. Add the fact that the game is being developed by an indie studio and a 2024 release date isn't impossible, even if Game Science gave the game a 2023 release window in its initial announcement.

With that said, if Game Science keeps on releasing trailers like what they have so far, we don't think anyone would mind waiting a little but longer for Black Myth: Wukong.

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