Black Adam debuts in MultiVersus this week

A new arcade mode will also be introduced to the fighting game.

Black Adam has been all over the news lately. From the successful box office performance of the superhero flick to wanting to fight with Superman, Dwayne Johnson’s Teth-Adam has been basking in the spotlight.

Multiversus Black Adam Cover
Black Adam and Stripe were announced during the start of Season 1.

Well, Black Adam is set to make another appearance, this time in the Warner Bros fighting game MultiVersus. The anti-hero is set to debut as the 22nd playable character for the coop fighting game. MultiVersus released a lightning-themed trailer to celebrate the arrival of Black Adam.

Black Adam is expected to join MultiVersus as a tank like Wonder Woman and Superman. Most likely, Black Adam will use lightning-based range attacks as well.

The character model for Black Adam in MultiVersus will not be using the likeness of Dwayne Johnson. It will look similar to the comic book appearance of the anti-hero.

Black Adam Multiversus
The Black Adam for MultiVersus will not take on the likeness of Dwayne Johnson who plays the anti-hero in the DCEU.

Along with Black Adam, the fighting game will also launch a new Arcade mode. Details for the new mode have not yet been revealed. Most expect it to be a traditional fighting game arcade mode that pits players against AI opponents.

Dataminers have previously revealed that the arcade mode will have ten levels and three difficulty settings. MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh confirmed that the arcade mode will support multiplayer coop. It may be for the 2v2 mode where characters work as a team to eliminate opponents.

The previous update for MultiVersus added Stripe from the Gremlins franchise to the game. Stripe is the first villain to ever appear in MultiVersus. Also added to the game during the previous update is the Halloween event that runs for a limited time only. During the event, players can earn candies by playing matches. You can use candies to buy cosmetics like skins, emotes, and profile icons that are available only while the event is ongoing.

The patch also added a new “anti-infinite system” to put a soft cap on combos. MultiVersus has previously had issues with players locking opponents in an infinite combo which has been dubbed “0 to death”. Certain characters have been able to perform these combos and have become the meta for MultiVersus.

Multiversus Halloween
The MultiVersus Halloween event will run until the end of Season 1 on November 15.

This is the second time that the developer Player First Games has addressed the infinite combo issue. During the first update, players quickly found a workaround to continue doing these combo moves.

Season 1 for MultiVersus will end on November 15. Player First Games hasn't confirmed the contents of Season 2. 

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