BioShock director explains what attracted him to the video game adaptation

Director Francis Lawrence has revealed why he is interested in bringing the BioShock video games to life for Netflix. He made this revelation during an interview while on a press tour for his latest film, Slumberland. He also expressed his confidence in overcoming the much-dreaded video game curse with this adaptation.

Netflix is making another video game adaptation in a continuation of a strategy that has brought it much success.

During the Collider interview, Lawrence stated that he understood his assignment and knows just what to do to create an incredible adaptation of the video game. The veteran director stated, "First of all, I think it’s one of the best games ever created. It’s also, I think, one of the most visually unique games ever created. The other thing, and one of the things that always appeals to me, is it is very thematic. There’s real ideas and philosophies underneath the game property, and it’s really, really, really thought out."

He continued by saying that while many games may have a great world, an amazing lead character, or even provide the foundation for set pieces of some kind, they don’t usually have the weight that BioShock does.

While discussing his plans for the movie with Steve Weintraub, the Hunger Games director stated that he and his team were in conversation with Ken Levine, the game’s creative lead, and Take-Two Interactive, its publisher. He also promised that the movie would stick to the game’s tone. However, he noted that the movie feels like handling multiple genres at once. Lawrence stated, "One of the other things that I love, love, love is that sort of strange mashup of genre, the idea that you have what feels like a period piece, mixed with body horror, mixed with sci-fi. It’s one of those great mashups, and I think it can be really unique and really beautiful and really entertaining."

The film's director Francis Lawrence provided updates on it during a recent interview.

The video game curse is the belief that a great video game won’t necessarily translate to a great movie when adapted. Due to this, many Hollywood producers don’t like to make video game adaptations. Some of the popular examples of the curse in action are Assassin’s Creed (2016), Silent Hill (2006), Max Payne (2008), and In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007).

Notwithstanding, certain video adaptations have performed well, especially in recent times. An example is Netflix’s ongoing The Witcher series, which is currently one of the platform’s biggest properties. Other examples are Rampage (2018), Warcraft (2016), Battleship (2012), and Tomb Raider (2018).

BioShock is a retro-futuristic first-person shooter role-playing franchise that consists of three main titles: BioShock (2007), BioShock 2 (2010), and BioShock Infinite (2013). The first two installments are set in Rapture, a fictional underwater city, while the latter takes place above the floating city of Columbia in 1912.

The original game follows Jack who discovers Rapture, the city created by Andrew Ryan, a business magnate. Unfortunately, the residents of the city are addicted to a special substance known as ADAM, which grants them superhuman powers, although it caused the city’s downfall. To get out of the city, Jack must fight through ADAM-crazed foes.

Lawrence is a top filmmaker and producer who has directed music videos, commercials, and feature-length films. His portfolio includes Constantine (2005), I am Legend (2007), Red Sparrow, and the final three Hunger Games movies (2013 – 2015).

Also, Michael Green, who wrote Logan and Blade Runner 2049, has been contracted to develop the movie’s script. Given the pedigree of both Lawrence and Green, many fans will be looking forward to a spectacular production of BioShock.

At the moment, there isn’t much detail on the movie or how it will progress. Given that it is still in pre-production, that is understandable. However, since Green is currently working on the script, fans will be hoping that production begins soon and more details come to light.

In other news, Lawrence’s latest movie Slumberland is currently streaming on Netflix. Also, Paramount+ recently released the first trailer of its Yellowstone prequel series 1923 starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. Finally, Margot Robbie has revealed that her planned Pirates of the Caribbean spinoff has been canceled. This piece of news will be devastating to fans of the franchise especially since the last film in the series came five years ago.

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