BioShock 4 might be stuck in development hell after recent rumors

It's safe to say that BioShock 4 probably won't be released within the next few years.

For a game so iconic and well-remembered like BioShock, you'd think that 2K Games would have released a new installment or two by now, if not a PS5 remaster. But, this isn't the case. Outside of the remasters for the first two BioShock games in 2016, 2K Games hasn't released a new BioShock game at all. To make matters worse, it appears that trouble is brewing over at Cloud Chamber, the new studio working on BioShock 4 after Ken Levine established Ghost Story Games in 2017.

With the way things are going, BioShock 4 could become like the Half-Life 3 of Valve.

A report is citing a known leaker who claims that 40 staff members have either left or been let go from Cloud Chamber, including lead developers. In addition, the same leak adds that 2K is "not satisfied" with how BioShock 4 looks right now, suggesting that the publisher might delay BioShock 4 until 2024 if not later.

Regardless of when it hits the market, BioShock 4 will be met with impossibly high expectations.

2K Games set a fairly high bar with BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock: Infinite. Regardless of which you believe is the best among the three, all BioShock games come highly recommended by both critics and casual gamers alike. Coincidentally, Ken Levine, who played a huge role in both the first BioShock game and the latest one, is also reportedly having trouble getting Ghost Story Games' first game out. Perhaps the pressure of living up to one of the best games of all time is getting to Cloud Chamber and Ghost Story Games.

Regardless of the reason, it is interesting that the news comes on the heels of Netflix's live-action film adaptation of BioShock.

Ultimately, it's best to take this rumor with a grain of salt. Despite the reputation of the leaker, 2K hasn't announced anything related to BioShock 4 save for confirming it back in 2019. Even if it is in their best interest to keep details about the next BioShock game under lock and key, negative as they may be, it's still a good idea to throw hardcore fans a bone every now and then. The last time that we heard about BioShock 4 is that the game will be set in a fictional ice-filled city. This might no longer be true if 2K wasn't satisfied with what they saw from Cloud Chamber's progress with BioShock 4.

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