Bioshock 4 is stuck in development hell according to new reports

A prominent leaker has shared new information that the game has been struck "by the curse of problematic development."

A lot of fans have been waiting on the next installment of Bioshock. It has been a decade since the last game was released and it looks like gamers will have to wait a while longer before the next title launches.

The leak reports that "Poor management, uncertainty about financial success, and questionable staff decisions are the reasons why the development of this game is going so difficult and taking so long."

Bioshock 4, the long-awaited next installment in the popular franchise is reportedly stuck in development hell. Even with a new studio, the development of the sequel has been problematic according to the latest report. This is the second time that the game has been rumored to have issues with its development. 

Prominent leaker Oops Leaks has reported that the upcoming game is "haunted by the curse of problematic development." Cloud Chamber and 2K have been mum about the next installment, leaving fans wondering when it will be released or if it will even see the light of day.

"The new Bioshock is in development hell," Oops Leaks tweeted. "Despite a complete change in development leadership, the Bioshock series is still haunted by the curse of problematic development. No game details will be described here, and this is likely to be my final report on the next Bioshock."

The insider adds that "If it won't be announced this summer, it’s most likely facing a total clusterfuck and has zero chances being released at FY2025 as initially planned," before providing a proper explanation for the delay. They're claiming that "poor management, uncertainty about financial success, and questionable staff decisions" are the main culprits why the fourth BioShock game is taking so long.

Various sources have shared that Bioshock 4 will be an open-world game set in the cities of Aurora and Borealis, located in the Antarctic. Oops Leaks shared last September that information it shared came from a Slack breach back in 2020.

According to a previous leak, the upcoming title will be set in the cities of Aurora and Borealis.

Fans have been disappointed at the current state of development for Bioshock 4. The lack of communication from the developer about the status of the next title has sown confusion among gamers waiting on the next entry in the franchise.

Many have said that the series went downhill after the game’s creator Ken Levine left the franchise when Irrational Games was shut down. There are fans of the game clamoring for the return of Levine to the project.

Levine has moved to Ghost Story Games and is leading the development of the upcoming FPS Judas. The upcoming title reportedly borrows elements from the Bioshock games. Judas is expected to release sometime around 2025, which also coincides with the planned release of Bioshock 4.

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