Biomutant Review Round-up: Risky, Ambitious, and Flawed

Experiment 101's highly ambitious open-world action game, Biomutant, isn't out yet. However, the reviews are, and let's just say that most of them have been unkind. Read on to find out more in our Biomutant review round-up.

Make sure to read through our Biomutant review round-up to know if the game is worth buying or not.

What Are Early Reviews Saying of Biomutant?

For all its shortcomings, Biomutant tells of a story that's relevant today.

Having been in development for four years and slated to release for nearly just as long, Biomutant is finally set to launch. Unfortunately, while early trailers might have garnered this potential sleeper hit a lot of fans from all over the world, early reviews seem to suggest that the self-described "post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable RPG" is a bit of a disappointment.

Published by THQ Nordic, Biomutant is an RPG game that puts players in the shoes of customizable anthropomorphized creatures set in a colorful but dying world full of mutated critters.

According to the many, many trailers released before Biomutant's release, players wouldn't feel as though the world would be empty despite the apocalypse. However, while casual gaming audiences haven't yet had a chance to play Biomutant, reviewers are saying that the large open-world space is far from enough to carry the largely empty package that is Biomutant.

If you head on over to reviews aggregate website, Metacritic, Biomutant currently holds a 62% and 68% review score for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, respectively. It's not a bad score, by any means. Many studios would love for their games to reach a score like that. Yet, if you take the time to delve deeper and read individual reviews, you'll find that nearly every single one of them has the same thing to say.

While most agree that Biomutant is a fresh and unique take on the open-world genre, many share the sentiment that the game lacked polish and is unsatisfying. It also probably didn't help that the last-gen title won't play as well as expected on next-gen consoles. Or, at least, on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S.

RPG Site's George Foster perhaps summarized Experiment 101's debut title best when he said in his review that, "I had some fun with it, and I’m sure others will too, but I walked away from it mostly feeling nothing, which is the biggest shame of all."

For more information, here is a round-up of all the Biomutant review scores:

  • IGN - 6/10
  • PC Gamer - 6/10
  • Game Informer - 6.5
  • Digital Trends - 3.5/5
  • Windows Central - 3/5
  • Destructoid - 8/10
  • Comic Book - 3/5
  • Game Rant - 2.5/5
  • Push Square - 4/10

Is Biomutant a Good Game?

Having yet to play Biomutant ourselves, we can't recommend outright if the indie title is a good game or not. However, one thing that we can point out is that none of the reviewers that actually took their time and dissected the game said that Biomutant was a bad game outright. Instead, most felt like it was a missed opportunity.

IGN's Luke Reilly described Biomutant as having "a lot of the building blocks of a top-drawer action RPG but its cookie-cutter approach to objectives and puzzles starts feeling very repetitive very early on."

So, what the reviews are probably trying to say here is that Biomutant probably isn't going to blow your mind away.

In a way, this would make Biomutant similar to Immortals Fenyx Rising. Ubisoft's open-world action title was easily one of the more underrated titles released in 2020. Although the mechanics, gameplay, exploration, and combat, will feel all too familiar with audiences at this point, Immortals Fenyx Rising still had a couple of things that made it unique in its own right.

Biomutant is in the same boat. It's not necessarily a bad game, but it's not great either.

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