'Biomutant': All The Information We Have

After many long years of waiting, the furries are here. Biomutant was announced in 2017, set to be released in 2018, only to go silent in 2019, and then mysteriously reappear in 2020 to announce its 2021 release. The game is the first project of the Swedish studio Experiment 101, created by the founders of Avalanche Studios, responsible for games like the series Just Cause and Mad Max.

What is Biomutant?

They call it an open world post-apocalyptic kung-fu ARPG with martial arts, shooting, and mutant abilities. The game has a unique martial arts style system and is not shy to explore it. The visuals are peculiar as well, especially if you like furries. The developers said they've gotten a lot of inspiration from Kung-Fu Panda, Ratchet and Clank, and a lot of modern open-world games. The combat system was inspired by Devil May Cry and the Arkham game series.

Your character changes its appearance according to six DNA strings, from the six tribes

What is Biomutant’s Story?

The official game description states:

The world has been devastated by a plague and the roots of the Tree-of-Life are dying. The tribes are divided. Explore a world in turmoil and decide its fate: will you be its savior or will you lead it to an even darker fate?

Your entire journey will be narrated by one narrator that tells your tale as if reading a book - to a five year old. The game takes place in New World, and in the center of it we have the Tree-of-Life that is being poisoned by oil and is infesting the world with Bio-Creeps, the enemies of the game. During your journey, you will be able to interact with the six tribes and have total freedom in your decisions, being able to unite or destroy them.

The Tree of Life stretches out across the land with 4 large roots. At the end of each root resides a “World Eater”, a giant monster equal to bosses

Biomutant Gameplay and Mechanics

Disclaimer: with each new video released by Experiment 101 there are gameplay differences. As we are talking about a game that has been in development since 2017, a lot of basic information can change. We have relied on the most recent gameplay video to write this article.

For starters, you can create your very own furry character and recode its DNA. You choose its gender and can then recode its genetics to define the furries' attributes. Attributes also define your furries' appearance. If you put more strength, he is more stout. If he focuses on intelligence, he is taller, thinner, and more big-headed. Next, for your fur style, you might want to pick something silky and fresh. To finish, choose a main color and then a details color.

As you drag to the corresponding attributes, your appearance will change

In 2020 Experiment 101 said that you could pick a class, but in the most recent gameplay video below, you don't have this option. They could just have skipped that part, so don't consider this as a final statement. However, considering you can pick a class, you can be a PSI-Freak that seems like a magic-user or a Commando, an aggressive head-on fighter. But picking a class doesn't mean you will be stuck with it throughout the entirety of your adventure. While it gives you some equipment according to the class chosen, as you progress through the game, you will learn new combat styles by defeating enemies, completing objectives, or facing Wushu masters.

And then we have Mutation, a primary gameplay feature. There are multiple types of mutations. Biomutations add body parts, such as crab claws or wings. PSI-Mutations give magical abilities like levitation and telekinesis. Bionic Enhancements attaches a robotic leg for increased jumping power. One way to unlock new mutations is to be exposed to a radioactive zone - do not try this at home - that will alter your mind and give a new PSI-Mutation. Another example is being exposed to biohazardous contamination and unlocking the Turtle form ability.

Automatically when you suffer the contamination you learn new mutations

The combat system, as stated before, is heavily inspired by Devil May Cry and you can confirm this in the gameplay trailer below. The melee combat is in a fast-paced rhythm and you can dynamize your approach by firing away at your enemies and finish them with magic because you have style.

There's a crafting system because in an open-world there's a lot of parts to find, loot, and farm, in order to craft all the badasses weapons we need. The game promises several customizations. You can find a simple weapon, allocate a blade and handle to it and suddenly turn a toothbrush into a deadly glaive. Also, you can craft gear and it certainly seems like you must, because you some areas will have low oxygen level, so you need a gas mask and oxygen tanks. Other areas will be extremely cold and you will need to cover your furs with thermal resistance clothes.

The only weapon that eliminates enemies, but keeps their teeth clean

There is also Karma. The system is supposed to affect the questlines that will occur throughout the game, dialogue choices, and character interactions. The system looks a lot like Infamous Karma and may change the way others interact with you and probably the game's ending, since the plot details you can be the world savior, or not.

Biomutant Release Date and Platforms

Biomutant was originally scheduled to launch in 2019, although the developers went silent for a long time after the original schedule passed by. The reason for the delay? Experiment 101 head Stefan Ljungqvist said that the game got bigger than what they originally expected. The script was said to triple from 80-85,000 words to 250,000, for example, and with a small team of just 20 people, that scope also meant a lot more bugs to fix, and they wanted to make sure they could provide the best experience possible

Now finally, we have a certain date! Biomutant will be released on May 25, 2021. It will be available on team, PS4, and Xbox One. There is no mention of a version for the new generation of consoles though.

Biomutant Additional Features

The game will be available in thirteen different languages and fully voiced-over in ten languages, even though it's only one voice, the narrator - but this could change.

There are several ways to get around the New World. By foot, mech, jet-ski, air-balloon, or area unique mounts. From the trailer, it seems that you can have different approaches in the areas, be it more direct or stealth. Despite being an open-world, the developers said that the world is not going to be gigantic, but with an ideal size that allows exploration without having to drag too much.

You can edit your mech to make it look scary duck and frighten your enemies
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