Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in early development after 15 years

The upcoming sequel is still being play tested after a seemingly endless development cycle.

"Long" doesn't even begin to describe the development cycle of Beyond Good and Evil 2. If you want some perspective, the original iPhone was Apple’s flagship phone when the game was announced. The sequel to 2003’s Beyond Good and Evil now has the dubious record for having the longest development for a video game after beating Duke Nukem Forever, and it could widen the gap between the rest of its competition before it comes out (and that's a big if).

Beyond Good And Evil Cover
Beyond Good and Evil 2 may take a while longer in development according to reports.

Insider Gaming reports that sources revealed that the game is still in the "blocking phase." The sources indicate that the game has a few small areas and low-resolution textures. The same report says that "external and internal playtesting has continued throughout the summer" for the upcoming gaming. In addition, Ubisoft is reportedly saying the project is still in "early development."

Insider Gaming shared it has images and video from an anonymous source, but with the agreement that the website doesn’t go public with them. The game may have been rebooted from the previous pre-Alpha demo walkthrough that the studio showed off at E3 2018.

During the E3 demo, Ubisoft stated that the game was in the early stages of development. The devs managed to show off an entire area in the twenty-six-minute video.

According to I-G, the images and videos that were provided to them showed bare planets with only block structures to represent buildings. Some buildings did have textures and detail but looked like it was part of a game being played in the lowest graphics settings possible.

They said that the quality of the images and videos was nothing like the pre-Alpha demo that Ubisoft showed off in E3 2018. Only the spaceships look similar to the demo that the studio released.

Ubisoft stated that "Beyond Good and Evil 2’s development is underway and the team is hard at work to deliver on its ambitious promise."

Beyond Good And Evil Art
The visuals for Beyond Good and Evil 2 look great. Hopefully, the game will be completed in a few years.

Judging from the given information, it's safe to assume that Beyond Good and Evil 2 would break the 6000-day mark for a video game in development. Duke Nukem Forever, which previously held the record, went for 5156 days before eventually being released in May 2011 or after around 14 years in development.

Checking the Ubisoft website, the last official update for Beyond Good and Evil was in July 2020. According to a blog posted on the website, Ubisoft is "currently concentrating on core development and production milestones, so rest assured that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is well underway."

Hopefully, the studio finds inspiration to complete the game as it is full of potential. Surely, Ubisoft would not want to quit now after 15 years of working on the project.

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