Better Call Saul Season 6 trailer teases the end for Jimmy McGill

The final season of Better Call Saul will see the fan-favorite lawyer ditch his original name to fully embrace his new identity.

After drawing audiences in for years with the premise of tying into the events of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul forged its own identity outside of Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul has become one of the few shows set in the same universe as a "bigger" show to match if not exceed the original.

After changing his name, Jimmy McGill is about to fully embrace being Saul Goodman.

Having said that, the sixth season of Better Call Saul is going to be the series' last, and AMC just dropped the first full-length trailer, teasing the full evolution of public defender Jimmy McGill to the skeevy, street-smart lawyer, Saul Goodman.

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Most prequels tend to telegraph their endings by design. Since we already know what's going to happen next, the prequel becomes more predictable as they get closer to the key events of the original. But, this isn't the case for Better Call Saul. Even the several key figures and relatively minor characters from Breaking Bad make an appearance, Better Call Saul has also introduced its own set of interesting characters. Case in point, Reha Seehorn's Kim Wexler, who is the girlfriend of Bob Odenkirk's Jimmy and later wife.

Because Kim is never mentioned nor seen during the events of Breaking Bad, most assume that she'll die in the finale. However, from what we've seen in Better Call Saul, things don't always turn out the way they do, suggesting that there could be a twist.

For now, fans can look forward to seeing the success of Saul Goodman's highly unethical but also very legal practice. Clients are lining up to see the man who can get them out of jail, but he also finds himself in a pinch after working with the Salamanca family. The trailer sees a line of body bags following the unsuccessful attempt to take out Tony Dalton's Lalo in Season 5. This serves as a grim reminder to audiences that Lalo is still out there, just biding his time along with the ever-looming threat of his cousins, The Twins.

AMC also reminds its fans to expect the unexpected. As Jonathan Banks' Mike Erhmantraut prepares for an all-out war, he mentions that "Whatever happens next, it's not gonna go down the way you think it is."

Better Call Saul has done an excellent job keeping fans on their toes and guessing what's going to happen next.

A combination of the COVID-19 pandemic and Odinkirk's heart attack last July delayed the final season of Better Call Saul as mentioned in an update last September, forcing audiences to wait for two years following the finale of Season 5. The good news is that the sixth season will have more episodes than before, split into two halves. AMC confirmed in February that the first half of Season 6 will run from April 18 to May 13 while the latter half will kick off on July 11 and end on August 15.

With Season 6 being Better Call Saul's final season, it's bound to converge with Breaking Bad. It will be interesting to see how AMC will tie together the two award-winning show, although we're betting on what Mike said that things aren't "gonna go down the way you think it is."

Speaking of AMC's most popular shows, The Walking Dead is set to conclude later this year as well. However, the universe is still ripe for the picking and AMC is taking advantage of it. In addition to the handful of spin-offs that are already out there, AMC recently confirmed that Negan Smith is getting a spin-off for 2023.

Fans might also want to check out Slippin' Jimmy, another Breaking Bad spin-off, in April.
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