The Three Best Witcher 3 Armor Sets You Need To Try

I remember when I first played The Witcher 3 and went with the no armor look. Basically, this ‘look’ is where you only have your white shorts on. Its main advantage is that you show off enough of your muscular body to scare monsters away...I think.

Witcher Geralt

Long story short, I was killed with only three arrows shots.

Now that I know better, let us go through the three best Witcher 3 armor sets that will not only enhance your experience, but also make you look good while playing!

How Does Armor Work In The Witcher 3

It is important that you understand how the armor system works in The Witcher 3 before being able to decide which one might be best for you. What is the difference between a white shorts-only Geralt and armored up Geralt?

We will start by first explaining the armor stats in the Inventory menu. Each piece of armor has an armor value and multiple resistance percentages.

Some players may think that the armor value is the most important stat of an armor, but the resistance percentage also plays an important role in your defence and protection. These stats can be seen by pressing the player stats button in the inventory menu.

Let’s look at a practical example - an armored up Geralt versus a white-shorts only Geralt taking piercing damage.

Arrow Damage Armor Value Piercing Resistance Total Damage
White Shorts Geralt 616 0 0% 616-0=616
Armored Geralt 616 21 40% (you take 60% damage) 616-21=595... 595*60%=357

From this table, we can see that the armor value reduces the piercing damage from 616 to 595 and the piercing resistance further reduces the damage to 357. This is important when comparing one piece of armor to another. Some armor sets do not offer resistance to different types of damage, therefore you will take the full damage.

Each armor has a different resistance percentage to piercing, elemental damage, monster damage, bludgeoning, slashing, and burning.

Now that you understand the technical side of how the armor works in The Witcher 3, there is another important factor that you should consider. Your playstyle.

What Is The Best Armor For My Playstyle?

Armor sets in The Witcher 3 range from light, medium to heavy. Each type of armor will complement a certain type of playstyle. For example, the heavy armor is best if you are a more defensive-type player. Lighter armor would be better if you prefer to be on the offensive and launching attacks swiftly

The Best Witcher 3 Armor For Signs: Griffin School Armor

Griffin Armor Stats
Griffin armor stats

Do you want to build your playing style around signs? Igni dodge repeat, eh? There is nothing wrong with wanting to shoot sparks out of nowhere and dealing damage to the enemy while doing so. You are a Witcher after all!

If this sounds like you, the Griffin School armor is your best option. This good looking armor increases your sign [attack?] intensity significantly.

Another advantage is that it can be found at the beginning of the game which is perfect, since most players recommend using it at the beginning of the game when the fights are easier.

This is simply because you cannot solely depend on signs during fights. Therefore, this may be an unwise choice, especially when a more combat-focused approach will be more effective.

That being said you should always aim to mix up signs and swordplay to be more effective.

Where Do I Find The Griffin Armor?

The Griffin armor set can be found in Velen.

Also, be aware you should be at least Level 11 to use this armor. You can still try to get the Griffin armor early on, before attaining the required level, though the fights will take a long time and you will die multiple times unnecessarily.

The previous statement seems like am talking about Sekiro…sorry wrong wolf.

How do you get the Griffin armor? Well, follow along curious Witcher!

Griffin Map Location
Location of the Griffin Armor set
  1. Open up your map and expand Velen
  2. Locate the Hanged Man’s Tree fast travel signpost
  3. Zoom out your map and check for an outpost southwest from the Hanged Man’s Tree signpost across the river
  4. You will see a small town called Readon Manor.
  5. Move directly West from Readon Manor till you are above the Dragonslayer’s Grotto signpost.
  6. Follow the pathway to the end, where you will find an abandoned cave slightly below ground level.
  7. Once you get to the cave you will be greeted with a couple of level 7 Wraiths. They are easy to kill, but they do attack in numbers, so be careful
  8. You will need to break down some walls using Aard.
  9. Further on, you will need to beat the level 11 Ekimmara.

The best way to beat the Ekimmara is to utilize your dodge and strike combo. You could also light the blazers around if you do not want to fight with the torch in your hand, because it is pretty dark in there.

We should also mention that the Ekimmara has regeneration abilities. This is why you need to be at least level 11 to win this fight easily.

After your hard-earned win, loot the chest boxes around you and in one of them you will find the whole armor set (Griffin armor, trousers, boots, and gauntlet).

Once you have all the required ingredients for crafting you need to find a special armorer. One can easily be found in the middle of Novigrad.

What Is So Special About The Griffin Armor?

Though it has its drawbacks, we still consider the Griffin armor special since it is the only armor in the game that boosts all signs. The only other armor that comes close is the Ursine heavy armor which only boosts the Quen sign.

Being unique is not the only positive thing about this armor. When you have it on you can cast two signs, one after the other, without waiting for your stamina to regenerate. Just imagine the damage you could deal with two Axii spells and a couple of heavy attacks.

Another great perk is the all and mighty Yrden trap. When you are in the Yrden trap, the sign intensity is maxed out to 100% while the damage you take is reduced by 20%. Your stamina is also untouchable in your Yrden trap.

If this information has you drooling and you cannot wait to cast signs, go on then and find the Griffin armor set and let us know what you think of it.

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