Best Spots To Land In Fortnite Season 5 of Chapter 2

Fortnite's Season 5 of Chapter 2 has an ample amount of content to keep you busy and entertained. In addition to the exciting franchise crossovers, we also have new updates to the map which completely overhauls the locations, including the loot pool.

New Season 5 Chapter 2 Fortnite Map

Locations with the Most Chests

There are many new locations that you can drop in to loot and prepare yourself for the fight. Before Season 5, Misty Meadows was the hottest spot to land on due to the high number of chests. But, that changed after Season 5 went live, making Lazy Lake the most abundant location with over 41 chests.

Misty Meadows is still a great option as it houses up to 27 chests within the location, with at least 6 chests around the location. The second most resourceful location to land at is the Sweaty Sands that has around 34 chests. The issue is if you drop at Lazy Lake, it'll be difficult to rotate to the Sweaty Sands due to the large distance you'll have to cover from Lazy Lake to Sweaty Sands.

Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2 Chest Count (Source:

If you are not willing to cover such a long distance then Misty Meadows is a perfect place to go to after looting the Lazy Lake, as it is nearby. Other great options are the Catty Corner (31 chests), Retail Row (30 chests), and Hunter's Haven (up to 20 chests) as they are surrounding the Lazy Lake, so you can easily rotate to either one of these locations.

Given the number of chests these locations have, it is best to assume that several people would want to drop to these locations. These are hot landing zones and you must be ready to fight as soon as you touch the ground.

Easier Locations with Decent Loot

If you prefer to land in a "peaceful" manner and loot first instead of dropping in guns blazing, then we have the five perfect spots covered for you.

  • Slurpy Swamp
    Slurpy Swamp is one of the locations that is secluded in the bottom-left corner of the map. This location isn't exactly the most uncontested drop point, but occasionally you will find this location empty as it does not have a high chest count. It contains 15 chests. But, what's special about this location is the abundance of shield barrels. You will have a full shield when you drop down at this location as you can fill your shield bar using the shield barrels located inside the buildings. This location is perfect for solo players.

    Slurpy Swamp's Location on the Map
  • Hydro 16
    The second location is Hydro 16, which is located just south-west of Slurpy Swamp. It will be in between Slurpy Swamp and Misty Meadows near the road bridge. This location isn't great when it comes to looting as it only contains 5 chests. But what makes up for it here is Ruckus. Ruckus is an NPC, and he will fight you if you go near him. He is powerful and won't go down until you've basically exhausted your ammo. However, eliminating Ruckus is worth it since he will drop an Epic or Legendary RPG and a heavy assault rifle.

    Hydro 16's Location on the Map
  • Flush Factory
    Flush Factory is an isolated factory east of Misty Meadows near the shore. It contains up to 6 chests to loot and has a lot of materials to collect. Since it is near the shore and of course, the sea, you can get a lot of fish as well. Even if someone else lands here, you won't find any more than 1-2 players.

    Flush Factory's Location on the Map
  • Ship Building
    This building is located just outside and to the east of Holly Hedges. It has a huge ship on top of the building so you can't miss it. The Ship Building has up to 7 chests and a guaranteed P90 spawn. The P90 spawn makes this spot a great place to land and be aware that you might come across 1-2 players here, thanks to it. It also has the Ragnarok NPC nearby that you can use to start bounty or other tasks. Since this building is located near the sea, you can easily get some fish.

    Ship Building's Location on the Map
  • Weather Station

    The final spot for the passive players is the Weather Station, which is located south of Catty Corner on top of a snowy mountain. You can find up to 9 chest spawns. The main disadvantage of landing at the Weather Station is the lack of ammo boxes. It only has 4 ammo boxes, but this location compensates for that by giving you metal in large quantities. As for ammo, you can easily rotate to Catty Corner with at least 8 ammo boxes within and 2 around the area.

    Weather Station's Location on the Map
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