The 10 Best Resident Evil Village Mods

Resident Evil Village hasn't been out for very long, and already it's taken on a new life as every modder's newest favorite game to tinker with. In the short time that it's been available, modders have added everything from a hint of silliness to customizing the in-game items or even improving gameplay and everything else in between.

You know, Konami should probably think of making a next-gen Silent Hill game.

For the sake of keeping things professional, we're going to stay far away from naked and sexy mods. We'll stick with some of the best Resident Evil Village mods that actually add some value to the game, whether it's more hilarity or more immersion.

Fluffy Manager

Managing mods has never been easier with the Fluffy Manager.

Downloading and installing mods is a tricky business. If you're new to modding, you could easily damage your copy and make the game unplayable unless you reinstall it from scratch. Thankfully, the Fluffy Manager exists to make sure that the process of unpacking the files and installing the mods exactly where they need to be is as simple as it can get.

What makes Fluffy Manager such a great tool is that it lets you turn your mods on and off conveniently. It's also so useful that many of the mods from Nexus Mods that we've included on our list outright require that you have Fluffy Manager installed first.

In addition to helping you manage your mods, Fluffy Manager also lets you fix the Field of View, turn off the vignette, and do a bunch of other stuff to help make some small but incredibly useful gameplay improvements.

Silent Hill Nurses

Next thing we know, some modder will add Pyramid Head to Resident Evil Village.

This is a very specific mod that might fly right over the heads of gamers who aren't old enough to enjoy the horrifying nurses found in Silent Hill 2. Then again, not knowing where these nurses came from doesn't make them less scary. If anything, it only makes them more terrifying, especially that the nurse seems to, somehow, fit with the rest of the enemies in the Castle basement.

For those that do get the reference, it's a sweet cameo that gives us a glimpse of what a next-gen Silent Hill could look like.

Count Theodora

Don't blame us if you start having nightmares about Thomas chasing you down at home.

Ever since modders added Thomas the Tank Engine to Skyrim roughly a decade ago, modders have had this inkling to do the same to every game that has a big and scary villain that's out to kill you. Now, modders have gone and done the same to Resident Evil Village. In particular, the Lady Dimitrescu, who they've replaced the head with Thomas the Tank Engine.

In a way, swapping Lady Dimitrescu's beautiful but sinister face with the grinning face of Thomas as she stalks you throughout the castle with reckless abandon makes facing her head on a bit more discomforting.

If you're not a fan of the dolls in the Beneviento House, we highly discourage you from installing the Count Theodora mod.

Daughter Flies Removal

It doesn't really do much in terms of performance, but the mod does help you see the daughter's faces more clearly.

The flies help add a nice touch of immersion to Resident Evil Village until they start to get annoying as flies usually are. Using the Daughters Flies Removal mod helps you remove the flies that are buzzing around so you can see more of the three daughters of Lady Dimitrescu, who always seem to be covered in flies.

Keep in mind that this probably won't improve how Resident Evil Village performs on your computer, so this is more of a visual mod than just a performance mod.

Ethan’s Hands Restored

Ethan's left hand now looks a lot better.

Ethan's left hand is usually so covered in blood, bruises, and whatnot that it's become a meme at this point. Lucky for us, modders saw that this could be solved simply by restoring Ethan's left hand to how it should look - the hands of a normal human being.

We know. Ethan is everything but normal. We learned about that by the time we finished playing Resident Evil Village. Still, it would be nice to see Ethan's fingers exactly where they should be, especially since you spend most of the game looking at it in first-person.

Although the mod doesn't exactly restore Ethan's other hand, that's not exactly as big of a problem as his left hand.

Classic Start-up Screen

Weirdly, Capcom didn't add the classic start-up screen to Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village does a great job at paying homage to the titles that preceded it. Numerous elements from the classic titles, including save rooms, having to manage your inventory, the obscure but clever puzzles, are all there. What isn't is the warning screen that's appeared in most Resident Evil games since 1998's Resident Evil 2.

This is where the Classic Start-up Screen mod comes in. It doesn't change much about Resident Evil Village outside of adding that short screen. Yet, if you're a fan of the series, this seemingly insignificant change can make a whole lot of difference.

More Melee Weapons

Here's to hoping that the next mod lets you pick up the weapons off of the ground.

For a game set in a medieval-inspired village that's supposed to be full of weapons that you can use to defend yourself, Ethan Winters chooses a meager knife to take on the bad guys. Once again, modders saw that this needed fixing, which is exactly where the More Melee Weapons mod comes in extremely handy.

The mod doesn't necessarily let you pick up the melee weapons of enemies, but it does replace the knife's model with the likes of the Heisenberg's hammer and a Sickle Blade, among others.

Chris Over Ethan

No offense to Ethan, but Chris is just on a whole different level.

Move over Ethan, the rightful protagonist of the Resident Evil series is going to take his place.

Using the Chris Over Ethan mod, you can replace Ethan's in-game model with that of Chris Redfield. The result isn't necessarily game-changing, especially since the game is played in first-person, so you don't exactly get a chance to see you play as Chris as often. However, if you've been wanting to play as Chris for some time, this is as close as you can get.

Resident Reshade

Just because Resident Evil Village is a survival horror title doesn't mean that everything should be as dark as it is.

Resident Evil Village is a true next-gen title, especially on the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, as well as more powerful PCs. However, if you got lucky and got yourself a beefy graphics card or plan on getting an RTX 3070ti or RTX 3080ti, you can push the graphics even further using the Resident Reshade mod.

Currently, Resident Reshade gives you multiple graphics tools that help you improve contrast and perception. This way, you can make Resident Evil Village look more vibrant and colorful.

Just in case this isn't enough, you can install the RE VIII - HDR FX mod as well.

Mini Me Chris

In a way, the Mini Me Chris mod helps make Resident Evil Village all that more immersive, but in a weird and jarring way.

No. This isn't a dumb joke. This is an actual real mod. For some reason, JTEghius Kittius was able to create something that everyone else playing Resident Evil Village was thinking and the result is the Mini Me Chris mod that swapped Chris' head onto Rose, the baby daughter of Ethan and Mia Winters.

More than just a simple fae swap, the mod has actual facial animations that should help draw a bunch more laughs when you see the actual Chris hold the baby Chris in his hands at the start of the game.

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