Best MP5 Loadout for Warzone

The MP5 remains the undisputed SMG in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone. The MP5 is not only easier to handle but also shreds your opponents in close-quarter combat (CQC). It offers great overall mobility, and if you put the right attachments on this weapon, you can expect an all-around SMG.

There are several reasons why you might need to use the SMG in Warzone, which essentially caters to long-ranged weapons such as Assault Rifles (ARs) and Sniper Rifles, and that is speed and CQC engagements.

The MP5 is an excellent "back-pocket" weapon that you can whip out whenever you are in CQC engagements, such as inside buildings or around tight corners. You cannot always, if not never, rely on your Sniper Rifle to help you at close-range gunfights. Any opponent with a decent AR at hand will take you out before you can even aim down sight (ADS).

This is where the MP5 comes in. You can run the 'Amped' perk in Warzone that allows you to switch over to your secondary quickly. And to use another secondary, you must use the 'Overkill' perk. You can use whatever perk you wish in the first slot, depending on your playstyle. These are all just some possibilities that you can explore with the MP5.

You can definitely run the MP5 alone in hopes of having the 'Ghost' perk in your second perk slot, but don't expect to hit those long-range shots with your MP5. It is only good for close to medium range engagements. Even for medium-ranged effectiveness, you must build your MP5 the right way for it.

Below, we've covered one of the best attachments for the MP5 that can help you land close to medium range gunfights in Warzone. You can either run this alone or with a primary such as an AR or a Sniper Rifle.


For the barrel attachment, choose the Subsonic Integral Suppressor to benefit from a range of buffs it offers such as the Sound Suppression, increased ADS speed, no enemy skulls when you kill them, and no visible tracers.

Staying anonymous is the key to surviving in Warzone, and choosing the Subsonic Integral Suppressor also saves you another attachment slot that you can use.


The Merc Foregrip is one of the best Underbarrel attachments for the MP5, even after the patch that caused it to reduce your overall mobility. The mobility reduction is almost non-existent. The Merc Foregrip provides you better hip-fire accuracy to help you take out enemy players, without the need for ADS in CQCs.

In addition to better hip-fire accuracy, it also offers some recoil control, which gets better and better with the attachments mentioned below.

Rear Grip

Rubberized Grip Tape offers even better recoil control. The recoil control buff from the Merc Foregrip also gives excellent overall weapon handling and recoil control.


5mW Laser is your go-to Laser attachment as we're focusing on CQC here. This provides increased hip-fire accuracy. You guessed it right, all these attachments here compliment each other very well and enhance one another's buffs, while ensuring you have good effective damage range and accuracy.

The 5mW offers increased sprint to fire speed. This means that you can quickly start shooting right after you've stopped sprinting. This is good when dodging and flanking players in tight areas, such as the alleyways in Downtown.


And lastly, the most crucial attachment of all is the 45 round mags ammunition attachment. Whether it's an AR or an SMG, you must always go for more rounds when jumping into Warzone. There are several reasons for that.

One of the main reasons is the sizeable health levels of players. When Warzone players are fully armored, their health goes from 100 base HP to a whopping 250 HP. You first break their armor, and after that, their base HP starts to go down. This calls for more firepower and ammo. You don't want to be constantly reloading.

Another reason is duos, trios, and quads. 250 HP on one enemy player is hard enough to take off, but when you have a squad in front of you, it'll be even harder. You need to ensure you have the max ammo capacity. The ideal mag size for an AR is around 60 round mag for Warzone.

It would be the same for MP5, but the max ammo attachment it offers is only a 45 rounds mag, which is good enough. If it were to have 60, then it would have been categorized as too "OP."

That concludes our best MP5 attachment guide. Feel free to let us know what you would have done differently in this setup by commenting below.

Hassan Sajid

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