Best Strategy To Make Thousands Of Eddies (Money) In Cyberpunk 2077

If you've been playing Cyberpunk 2077 then you will have already realized that money (eurodollars €$, aka "eddies") is an essential part of the game, playing a significant role in the overall story progression. The cars, cybernetics, legendary weapons, and gear - all cost eddies. There are many different methods through which you can earn money in the game.

Night City is overflowed with side jobs that pay you well. You won't go broke, thanks to the inexhaustible number of jobs all around the city.

Obviously, one of the main methods of earning eddies is through the completion of main story quests. Other than that, there are other methods. Below, we have one of the best strategies that you can follow to earn thousands of eddies in no time.

If you follow this strategy, you can walk away with approximately 20,000 eddies in just under 30 minutes. It took us around 28 mins to get 20,000 eddies. It can be faster or slower, depending on you and your playstyle.

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There are a couple of small requirements for this strategy, and these requirements are specific perks you must invest your perk points in. These perks help optimize this strategy to maximize your profit. The perks are:

  • Advanced Datamine - Level 2: This will help you get 100% of the eddies from Access Points. We will be hacking Access Points a lot as well in this strategy.

  • Extended Network Interface: This perk automatically highlights nearby Access Points.

  • Mechanic: This perk helps you gain more components when disassembling items.

  • Pack Mule: It increases your carrying capacity by 60. This is optional, but it may help you as this strategy involves a lot of looting and carrying of equipment and items.

Advanced Datamine and Extended Network Interface are found under the Breach Protocol tab in the Intelligence attribute section. Mechanic is found under the Crafting tab in the Technical Ability attribute section. Finally, Pack Mule is found under the Athletics tab in the Body attribute section. These should be fairly easy to get as they can are some of the first perks in the perk trees except Advanced Datamine and Extended Network Interface.

Another crucial thing is to level up your crafting rank to at least level 6. You can easily do this by crafting anything random. It would be best to craft any weapon for quick XP points, and you will reach level 6 in no time. We get to level 6 so that we can craft an uncommon inner flame flame-resistant rockerjack jacket.

Step 1 - NCPD Missions

The first step is to do at least four to five (or more if you wish to do) NCPD missions. These are indicated on your map with a blue icon.

You need to look for three types only:

  • Assault in Progress: Represented by a blue Baseball Bat.
  • Reported Crime: Represented by a blue Question Mark.
  • Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Represented by a blue Skull icon.

You can do these missions in any order and earn eddies in the thousands. These missions are quick and easy but net you a profit of 1,000-2,000 eddies per mission. On top of that, you can find rare and uncommon loot on enemy bodies and stashes that can be sold at the drop point (we will come to that at the end).

Make sure you always pick up all rare or uncommon items as long as they are weapons and gear items. Some of the gear can be sold for up to 700+ eddies depending on the rarity and level. When you do these missions, it helps you earn money and earns you a great amount of street credit (or reputation).

Guns are highly profitable. Do not forget to loot the killed enemies for their weapons, as they always yield a good amount of eddies. It can be as low as €$80 or as high as €$1,000+.

We started with 530 eddies, and after completing five of the above-mentioned missions and selling the loot from them, we made 13,744 eddies.

Step 2 - Datamining/Breaching

Datamining or Breaching is essentially a part of step 1, but we think it is best to understand this as a separate step. There are several Access Points located all around Night City. You will commonly find these Access Points in areas where 'Suspected Organized Crime Activities' occur.

As stated earlier, if you have the Extended Network Interface perk, it will show you the nearby Access Points on your mini-map. This makes it easier to find these points.

You can jack into these Access Points and hack the system to earn eddies. These Access Points have three levels that can be hacked, with the third one yielding the most amount of eddies. These levels are known as daemons in Cyberpunk 2077. We recommend going for the third level for the maximum eddies. This is where our perk Advanced Datamine comes in. It will help you get 100% of the eddies from an Access Point. The third level is possible only after you've upgraded the Advanced Datamine perk to level 2.

How do you hack these? It is straight forward once you understand the basic concept. When you jack into the Access Point, a hacking interface shows up with a series of sequences that you must enter using the given code matrix on the left.

There are three levels. As mentioned before, with each level, the amount of eddies increase. These are labeled V1 (version 1) to V3 (version 3) on the right side with the sequence next to them.

You can choose the input on the code matrix. Your selection process always starts from the top-most row. The row will be highlighted with a slightly gray color. When you select the first number, you will be locked into the column in which your first number is.

You will then need to select the next number from this column. After selecting the second number, the selection will once again lock horizontally, prompting you to select the third number from the row (horizontally) where your third number was.

This continues until you've selected all of the numbers in a sequence. You can then either exit out of the interface, or it will kick you out of the interface once you've completed the sequence selection, upon which you will get your eddies. You can also complete multiple daemons or levels at once if you plan your sequence route properly.

There is also a timer above the code matrix, but it does not start until you've selected your first number. It gives you a chance to plan your number sequence selection, so you don't have to worry about the timer.

You can get around €$800-€$1,000+ eddies per Access Point hack. In addition to eddies, you also get crafting components of different rarity (epic, rare, legendary, etc.).

Step 3 - Crafting

The third step is to put the hard-earned eddies to even better use. As you probably already know by now, there are different vending machines all across Night City. You can buy consumables from these vending machines. You can either consume these or disassemble them to get crafting components out of them. This step is the most broken out of all the steps and yields a ridiculous amount of eddies.

To start, you will need to invest around 3,000 eddies into buying as many consumables as you can. But, not just any consumables, it has to be €$10 consumables. You can see the price on the vending machine before buying.

Buy as many as you can before the machine says it has run out of stock. A perfect place with many vending machines can be found in the Kabuki sub-district of Watson District. Refer to the image below for the exact location of the machines.

Once you've bought an ample amount of consumables, disassemble them all to get a large quantity of uncommon crafting components. This is where your crafting level 6, Mechanic perk, and Pack Mule perk comes in handy. You will get extra components when disassembling the consumables, thanks to the Mechanic perk. The Pack Mule perk helps you carry more items.

After disassembling them, go to your crafting menu and craft the maximum number of uncommon inner flame flame-resistant rockerjack jacket. Each jacket is worth 279 eddies.

After crafting the maximum number of jackets, go to any of the nearest drop points and sell them to get lots of eddies.

We started with 530 eddies and, after 28 mins, made almost 20,000 eddies following the above-mentioned steps.

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