Best Minimalistic Mods for Minecraft

If you are into Minecraft mods, but at the same time want to keep things as close to Vanilla as possible, then you've come to the right place. Below we have covered some of the best mods that you can install to enhance your overall Minecraft experience and keep everything as simple as possible. These mods will certainly make your Minecraft life easier.

Before diving into the mods, make sure you have Forge Mod loader installed, in order to run them.

Falling Tree

The Falling Tree mod allows you to cut down a full tree with just one swing of an Axe, similar to how it worked in Terraria. We all know that the concept of physics is non-existent in Minecraft, but this mod helps you fix that when it comes to cutting trees.

You can axe down a single wooden log, and the whole tree will break down, including the leaves on it. If you do not feel like "cheating" a lot, you can hold the 'Shift' key and break a block. This will cause the top logs to shift down to compensate for that missing block.

Download the mod here.

Tiny Coal

In Minecraft, a single piece of coal can burn up to 8 items in a furnace. But, the problem comes when you want to smelt or cook only one item. What will you do then? This is where the 'Tiny Coal' mod comes in.

Tiny Coal allows you to convert a single piece of regular coal into eight pieces of tiny coal. Every single tiny coal will burn one item. This helps you use the coal efficiently and avoid unnecessary extra coal usage.

Download Tiny Coal here.

Sleeping Bags

When you are out venturing into the world of Minecraft, you might end up far, far away from your home sweet home. Then when night time arrives, you're surrounded by monsters. You cannot go all the way back to your home to sleep in your bed and skip the night. Even if you make a new bed, your spawn will change.

As the name of this mod suggests, Sleeping Bags allows you to craft sleeping bags to carry around with you. You can use these sleeping bags to sleep anywhere when night falls, in order to skip to the day time without changing your actual spawn point.

You can craft sleeping bags using two pieces of carpet and a single wool block. It can be crafted in all the available wool colors in the game.

Download the mode here.

Miner's Helmet

You can craft a Miner's Helmet if you wish to save up on your lighting resources. Miner's helmet is a wearable helmet that gives you light in dark areas. If you are in a dark cave, you can put the helmet on and walk around without worrying about torches, as the light from the helmet will light up your surroundings.

You can craft the Miner's Helmet using one lantern, two leather pieces, and three iron ingot. Mobs can also spawn wearing one, you can kill them, and it might have a chance of dropping one.

Download Miner's Helmet here.


Leap is a new enchantment that is exclusive to boots only. This enchantment gives you the ability to double jump in Minecraft, which should have been added a long time ago! You can find the Leap enchantment book like any other regular enchantment, in chests as loot, fishing, or from the librarian villager.

You enchant your boots using the Anvil.

Download the Leap mod here.

Gravestone Mod

The Gravestone mod is one of the most useful mods in this list. The Gravestone mod leaves a grave whenever you die. When you respawn, you will have an obituary in your inventory that provides details about the player, the coordinates where you died, the items you were carrying, the name of the player, and the player's appearance at the time of death.

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You can use this information to go back to your death location and break the gravestone to retrieve your items. Once you break it, all the items will instantly be back in your inventory (you won't have to pick them up manually).

Download this mod here.

Storage Overhaul

Storage Overhaul is a must-have mod if you are overwhelmed with the number of items you have and cannot manage sheer quantity. Storage Overhaul gives you new tier-based chests, barrels, storage barrels, and advanced shulker boxes that go up to 4 tiers (with one being a base tier) — each tier containing 9 additional storage slots.

The normal chests (base tier) have 27 item slots, tier 1 chest will have 36 slots, tier 2 will have 45 slots, and tier 3 will have 54 slots. You can even combine these chests to get double storage space.

Each of these chests also comes with their Minecart variant, just like the regular chests.

The advanced Shulker boxes are just like the normal boxes found in Vanilla Minecraft, but you can access shulker boxes' inventory by right-clicking on them in this mod. The barrels also follow the same pattern as the chests, a regular barrel has 27 slots. As the tier increases all the way up to tier 3, the slot extends by 9 slots each time.

Storage barrels allow you to store only one type of item by right-clicking the front of the barrel. You can also store all the items of the same type by double right-clicking on the barrel front. You can take out a single item by left-clicking and a full stack of 64 by shift + left-clicking. You can store up to 3,456 items in a storage barrel. Whatever item you put in a storage barrel is displayed on the front of the barrel.

Download the Storage Overhaul mod here.

Easy Villager

We all know how hard it is to manage the villagers, especially if you're working on creating a villager breeding farm. This mod allows you to pick u a villager as an item and place them wherever you wish by right-clicking. You can shift + right-click on a villager to pick them up and they will show up as an item in your inventory.

The mod also comes with five types of different blocks: The Breeder Block, The Converter Block, The Farmer Block, The Iron Farm Block, and the Trader Block. All these blocks are here to save you a lot of hassle when managing the villagers.

The trader block allows trading with the villager without having to secure them in a safe place. You can also convert a regular villager into a trader by placing the villager inside this block, with a lectern.

The farmer block allows you to have a farmer with complete farmland inside a block. You just need to feed it once with the seed of food you want to grow and the rest is up to the villager inside.

The breeder block helps you breed two villagers by putting them together. It is very difficult to breed villagers in general as you must put up a certain number of doors and secure a whole area. This way, all you have to do is bring two villagers inside this breeding block and put the carrot inside. They will start breeding and producing baby villagers.

The converter block allows you to convert a villager into a zombie and then back into a new villager. This is done by placing a potion of weakness in a villager and a golden apple as an input. This will convert a villager into a zombie, and then into a villager again. This is useful if you want to get better trades from a librarian villager. This refreshes the villager.

The Iron Farm block isn't the most practical iron farm out there but it's a good passive source of iron ingot. The block produces an iron golem every four minutes and when the golem dies, it drops iron ingots.

Download the Easy Villager mod here.

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