The Best Minecraft Seeds

If you've been playing Minecraft for a while, you've probably learned about seeds and how they determine the way the game procedurally generates the world when you start a new run. Over the many years that Minecraft has been popular, fans have learned at lot about how seeds work exactly, and what seeds give you the most beneficial spawn points, biomes, geographical layouts and more. If you're someone who prefers challenge instead, there are also plenty of seeds that makes things interesting instead of easy. Let's take a look at the best Minecraft seeds out there.

What Are Seeds?

A seed in Minecraft is a string of integers that is used by the procedural generation algorithm to determine the specifics of the game world it creates when you start a new save.

Seeds are not cross-compatible across the myriad versions of the game due to how different they are from a coding perspective, but the basic principle is the same. Under normal circumstances, this is randomized - well, mostly, but that is a way too in-depth coding topic for this article - but you can enter your own seeds to essentially select the world you'll spawn into. If you ever appear in a world that you've come to really enjoy, or it has a fantastic spawn location, you can check the seed anytime by typing "/seed" into the chat!

Seeds also determine the spawn location, therefore some seeds are considered beneficial simply because they drop you nearby easily accessible sources of useful resources. Others can be visually interesting, or offer a unique challenge right after spawning.

For our selection of best seeds, we're focusing on Bedrock Edition version 1.14.1, but have included some of the most famous and interesting seeds from a variety of other editions and versions below as well.

Best Seeds In 2020

  • 2065486297 - This seed spawns you next to an unassuming abandoned village that's sundered in half by a deep ravine. While this is pretty cool on its own, the real value lies in the stronghold found inside said ravine! To make things even better, there is an inhabited village nearby, just beyond the neighboring plains biome. You can operate out of there early on before you get established.
  • -1231267014 - Villagers can be stubborn, hardy folk, but slicing a cavern out of a mountain just to put a farm halfway inside takes the cake. This seed spawns you nearby a mountainside village with the aforementioned farm in the cave, with said cave also housing an entrance to a dungeon with a Spider spawner inside. This is a perfect place to settle down.
  • 572779209 - If you haven't seen what it looks like when Pillagers raid a village, this is an easy shortcut. This seed contains a village and a Pillager outpost right next to one another. As if that wasn't odd enough, you spawn right there. There's a second 'backup' village nearby, so saving the first one from raids is entirely optional.
This mushroom peninsula almost looks like an alien landscape - a perfect preface to the underwater monument.
  • 992826707 - This seed is more in the vein of interesting rather than easy, but it definitely belongs on this list. You get spawned on a funky peninsula reaching into an ocean, filled with mushrooms. Just off the coast is an Underwater Monument filled with riches, but you'll need to prepare to face the enemies protecting it.
Bring up the Indiana Jones theme on YouTube when you delve in.
  • -1665911630 - Grab your Indiana Jones skin for this one - this seed will spawn you exactly at the entrance of a Desert Pyramid filled with some of the rarest and most valuable resources in the game. You don't necessarily need to gear up before going inside, so there is no need to wait before delving in.
  • 67080907 - Are you in the mood for a challenge? Convinced you can do a better Cast Away than Tom Hanks? This seed is perfect then, as it spawns you on a small archipelago with just enough trees for a small shelter. If the survivor's life is too tough, the shore with a village is just a short swim away.
  • 823486800 - As far as easy seeds go, this is the top pick. You spawn right next to a fairly large village with a ravine that has both a stronghold and easily accessible diamonds. Next to the spawn location is a desert biome with a desert village, and beyond that is a third village with a Pillager outpost close to it. This spawn point is close to everything you'll need.
  • 1208416085 - Sometimes, you just don't have the patience to build your own house. This seed spawns you a short walk away from a village with an abandoned Woodland Mansion right on top of it, filled with valuable resources and just waiting to be claimed. You will need to sneak past a Pillage outpost on the way there, and they might cause some problems until you clear it out.
Putting the "mine" into Minecraft.
  • 141280768 - Yet another seed spawning you in a village, but the true value here lies in the exposed mineshaft a short walk away. Trek to the neighboring desert biome and you'll find this mineshaft fill of water and lava falls, as well as several chests with resources inside.

Best Legacy Seeds

Title Screen

What will you do to this area after having stared at it for 7 years?

Spanning versions 1.8 through 1.13.1, the Minecraft title screen showed the same blurred image of a seemingly generic world, slowly panning in the background of the menu options when you boot up the game. Players saw this world for the better part of 7 years every time they launched the game. As such, it's pretty surprising how long it took for the seed of the 'title screen world' to be found. You're going to need an older version of the game for this seed to work, though.

Ideally, you should run Beta 1.7.3, and plug either 2151901553968352745 or 8091867987493326313 in as a seed during world creation. Curiously, both of these produce the same world! If you want to go and explore the exact location of the title screen, head over to the coordinates X=61.48, Y=75, Z=-68.73.

V 1.9 Obsidian Farm

Also known as "easymode".

Using the seed -8880302588844065321 in version 1.9 will drop you in an especially bountiful area filled with villages, one of which contains a Nether Portal, one of which has a lava pool and plenty of water for obsidian farming, and another with an extensive crop farm.

Underwater Temple

Jason Momoa is just out of the frame.

Seed -5181140359215069925 in version 1.8.8 breaks conventions by putting a sizeable temple beneath the water. These structures, which hide valuable resources, usually appear in forests or deserts, barely ever underwater. Of course, this makes plundering it all the more challenging, but that's what makes it exciting.

Blacksmith Village

Perfect for humble fantasy hero beginnings.

Another seed for 1.8.8, 686298914 will spawn you right inside a cozy village with a Blacksmith's Chest, but that's only the beginning. This is a particularly bountiful seed, containing four desert temples, six villages, two dungeons, and a stronghold!

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