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The Top 3 Best Landing Spots In Fortnite Chapter Two Season Four

Fortnite's Chapter Two Season Four current Battle Pass runs until November 30. It is safe to say that the current season will last until that date.

Take advantage of these locations before new locations are introduced or the maps are modified.

Stark Industries

Killing Iron Man

Fortnite's Chapter Two Season Four dropped the Marvel Superheroes into the Fortnite universe.  Naturally, there are going to be locations that are based on Marvel properties. One of these locations is Stark Industries, home of Iron Man.

Stark Industries is not for novice Fornite players. There are several risks if you choose to drop into this area. However, those who are brave enough to power through Stark Industries will be rewarded.

The reason that this landing spot is dangerous is that just about everyone in Fortnite drops in this area. Early battles are a common occurrence in Stark Industries. If you are able to survive though, you can accumulate some of the best loot possible.

In Stark Industries, the best variety of the strongest shotgun can be found simply lying around (Epic/Legendary Pump Shotgun). Also, there are some vehicles with unlimited fuel and a boost that recharges over time.

Facing and defeating Iron Man at Stark Industries will net you with the vault key card which allows you to obtain a high amount of loot.

Dr. Doom's vault

Doom’s Domain

Doom's Domain is the best place, bar none, to drop down. This is one of the few drop points in the competitive mode with mythic weapons. Those who successfully escape out of Doom's Domain are guaranteed a high ground advantage.

Defeating Dr. Doom will also reward you with a vault key card and mythic weapons. The vault key card grants you access to the vault that houses rare assault rifles and snipers. The snipers are incredibly useful when you camp on high ground.

Weeping Woods

Weeping Woods is the only non-Marvel area of Fortnite that gets a recommendation in this list.

Although there are no Marvel characters to destroy or vaults to pilfer, Weeping Woods has a lot of chest spawns. With 36 chests to go along with 37 ammo boxes, Weeping Woods is the best place to come in and arm yourself to the teeth.

Of course, the chest spawns are random but the chances of getting chests favor you by a mile compared to other landing spots.

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