The Best Guns In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer

There is a slew of new guns in Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War that never appeared in the previous games. Also, the game has a callback of previous Black Ops weapons. The M4, M16, and AK47 return, as expected, since these weapons are staples of the Cold War Era. How do these old familiar weapons rank among the best guns in Black Ops Cold War? You are set to find out in our recommendations below.

The guns alone will not be good enough without their attachments. Aside from the gun’s innate power, the compatible attachments for each are also taken into account in recommending the weapons below.

The Krig 6 as main weapon with the Gallo SA12 as secondary weapon

Best Black Ops-Cold War Multiplayer Assault Rifle – Krig 6

The Krig 6 can be unlocked by merely reaching level 16. This assault rifle is perfect in every imaginable situation. The best aspect of the gun is it is very easy to control. The balance between its firepower and fire rate is unmatched, especially at medium range. This does not mean that the Krig 6 is not serviceable in close range, because it is.

Since Krig 6 is very easy to control. There is no need to get familiarized with it. The recoil can easily be handled, the firepower is decent, and most importantly, it is unlocked fairly early.

Best Black Ops-Cold War Multiplayer SMG – MP5

The MP5 is already unlocked and you can use it immediately as soon as you play the game. The MP5 is a classic weapon that still has its place in modern times. MP5 is a balanced gun that shines through if you use it in close-range. It can be used in medium ranges, but it is at the most effective up close and personal. You need to practice with this weapon in order to make the most of it. The recoil is kind of iffy, so you need to get used to that.

Old but gold, the MP5 still reigns supreme

Best Black Ops-Cold War Multiplayer Shotgun – Gallo SA12

In order to unlock the Gallo SA12, you have to reach level 34. This shotgun is fairly different. Shotguns are known to best used in close-ranged combat and fired aimlessly from the hip. The Gallo SA12 is the only shotgun in the game that has an effective range that goes beyond what you’d envisioned from a shotgun.

The Gallo SA12 is a semi-automatic shotgun. Fire a number of shots at your enemies, aiming through the crosshairs, and you would expect it to obliterate them. The firepower of this gun is ridiculous and you can shoot with it continuously. If you like running inside buildings, there is no better weapon than the Gallo SA12.

No one's going to survive getting hit by the Gallo SA12

Best Black Ops-Cold War Multiplayer LMG – M60

The M60 is unlocked once you reach Character Level 46. The M60 is exactly what you want from an LMG. It has incredible firepower that it can tear down anything for the price of the weapon being sluggish.

You will be walking slowly when you are wielding the M60. The firepower is crazy powerful and the accuracy is more than decent. This gun is best used in medium and long-range firefights.

M60 with a colorful camo

Best Black Ops-Cold War Multiplayer Launcher – Cigma 2

The Cigma 2 comes already unlocked. Launchers are necessary to bring down planes and helicopters. The Cigma 2 is not a fast weapon, but it does its job pretty well. It will quickly bring down another player’s perk. The Cigma 2 is starved for ammo, so use this weapon only when you need it.

An example of a Cigma 2 class

Best Black Ops-Cold War Multiplayer Pistol – The Magnum

The Magnum is unlocked once you reach Character Level 31. The pistol side weapon in Black Ops Cold War is only used sparingly. There is no need really to use a pistol in multiplayer. Still, there are players who like to use pistols and the magnum is the best pistol in the game.

The magnum is anemic in its firing rate, however, it does so much damage in every shot. This is a good weapon when you have no ammo in your main weapon anymore and just need to finish off your kill.

The Magnum with an Ember Sighting Point attachment

Best Black Ops-Cold War Multiplayer Sniper Rifle – Pelington 703

It is a surprise that Black Ops Cold War will just hand you out the Pelington 703 right off the bat when it is the best sniper rifle in the game. Any sniper rifle's value is measured if it can take down the target in one shot. Pelington 703 can definitely do this. The other sniper rifles in the game do this as well. However, the Pelingonton 703 is unlocked at the beginning of the game, so by the time that you unlocked other sniper rifles, you are just too good at controlling the Peling ton 703 when the other sniper rifles are not really much better.

Tiger Team Spotlight is a good attachment for the Pelington 703



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