Best Fortnite landing spots: Chapter 3 Season 3

Picking the right landing spot is crucial to winning a game of Fortnite. Here are the best landing spots for Chapter 3 Season 3.

Given just how quickly the Fortnite map changes these days, it’s been a key part of players’ strategy to choose a suitable landing spot to start the game off with. After all, a good start can mean the difference between losing your first fight and actually having a chance at winning the match.

Best Fortnite Landing Spots

Playing Fortnite has always required a fair bit of positioning and brainpower from the player. Picking a solid landing spot is just as important as knowing what fight to pick next, or what rotation to make at what time of the game.

Gone is the time of the map only changing when the season ended, map changes can now happen with in-game collaboration events too, with the most recent being the addition of the Kame House along with the Dragon Ball event.

So without further ado, here are the best landing spots for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 (along with an honorable mention).

Best Fortnite landing spots

From how much loot you get, to how many early game eliminations you can rack up, and even accounting for how many quick escape options you’ll have, these are the five best landing spots in Fortnite right now.

1. Rave Cave

Rave Cave Fortnite
Rave Cave in Fortnite.

Welcome to this season's Tilted Towers. Rave Cave is the hot new drop of Chapter 3 Season 3, and that's not without reason. Featuring a whopping 65 chests all over the POI, and almost 200 floor loot spawns, it's no surprise that this is the new hot drop.

Players looking for high-kill games will likely want to drop here, especially since this is where most of the lobby unloads itself off of the battle bus. Rave Cave also offers plenty of transport options for players with the many Ballers sprinkled around the tracks around the cave itself. On top of all this, the POI also has a large quantity of Ammo Boxes and Slurp Barrels to make sure you're topped up on bullets and shields before leaving.

2. Chonkers Speedway

Chonkers Speedway Fortnite
Chonkers Speedway in Fortnite.

Chonkers Speedway was introduced back at the start of Chapter 3 Season 1 of Fortnite and is second only to Rave Cave in terms of the amount of action it gets. With a total of 38 chests, 80 floor loot spawns, two vending machines, and almost 30 ammo boxes, Chonkers Speedway is a good spot to land if you want less competition for your loot

Simultaneously, the race track-based town also offers quite a few escape routes into the desert, along with a few cars to help you get around the map easier. The POI is guaranteed to spawn at least four Whiplash Cars, which will come with larger tires pre-equipped and ready to go.

3. Greasy Grove

New Greasy Grove Fortnite
Greasy Grove in Fortnite.

OGs rejoice! Greasy Grove is back in the top five best locations to land in Fortnite. Almost three years since the game was initially released, Greasy Grove has returned to the map. The location, despite being run over by mushrooms and vines, still holds a whopping 37 chests and countless on-ground loot spawns.

Also given that it's a bit further away from the center of the map, it's less dangerous in the early game, that almost guarantees that you'll make it out alive. You'll also end up with quite a bit of ammo, loot, and shields.

4. Sleepy Sound

Sleepy Sound Fortnite
Sleepy Sound in Fortnite.

Remote residential locations have always been popular with players who want to take their games slow and slowly build up momentum. Following in the path of locations like Retail Row and Pleasant Park, we now have Sleepy Sound.

Given the number of houses in this POI, it is no surprise that players like landing here. Sleepy Sound features a whopping 41 chests, three vending machines, and 108 floor loot spawns. This means that there's plenty of loot to go around between the few players that usually land here.

5. Pawntoon

Pawntoon Fortnite
Pawntoon Ship in Fortnite.

Pawntoon isn't really a location on the map. For the unaware, it's the name given to the ship that repositions itself around the map at the start of every round. The ship is never in the same position twice, so landing here requires that you pop your glider early and actually scout out where it is.

Despite this, landing at the ship is perfect for players that take the game slow and want a few guaranteed good weapons to start off the round. Be wary though, you might have to run against the zone if it ends up on the other side of the map.

Honorable mention

With the recent Dragon Ball Z update, and with just how broken the new Kamehameha mythic item is, it's necessary to mention the new POI that was added with the update.

The Kame House, iconic from the Dragon Ball Z show, was added to the Fortnite map as an unnamed location just south of Looper Landing. And while the house itself isn't great in terms of loot or chests, it has one major thing going for it. Bulma spawns at the Kame House as an AI and sells both the Flying Nimbus and Kamehameha mythic items.

So if you're looking for a few easy kills, this is definitely the spot to land while the Dragon Ball Fortnite event is still here.

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