How to Get the Best Food in Resident Evil Village

Getting the best food in Resident Evil Village is a matter of knowing what enemies drop quality meat and where to find them. Resident Evil Village does a great job at incentivizing finding quality meat. Just bring good ingredients to The Duke's Kitchen and you can enjoy benefits such as a faster movement speed and more HP. We've rounded up all the locations to get the best food in Resident Evil Village.

Getting the best food in Resident Evil Village will give you permanent benefits.

Where to Find Fish in Resident Evil Village

  • There is a cave located between Castle Dimitrescu and the Ceremony Site. Right after leaving Lady Dimitrescu's abode, you'll find yourself going through a semi-flooded tunnel. We recommend that you try and look for the three fish that you'll find along the way (they're hard to miss). Otherwise, you won't get another chance to go back and pick them up.
  • At the drawbridge in Castle Dimitrescu, go through the Maiden and Demon gate. Afterward, there should be a pool of water that's full of fish to the left. Don't worry if you miss this the first time you open the gate, as you can always circle back and return for the fish later on.
  • After draining the Reservoir of Salvatore Moreau, you can go back to the first windmill where the crank broke. Just continue following the path until you reach its lowest point. There, you'll find a small area that still contains some water with fish in it.
  • Once you've left the Reservoir area over at Moreau's, make your way towards the Ceremony Site but don't cross the river yet. Instead, use the crank to lower the bridge. You should find yourself on a riverbank where there's a boat that you can use to cross. Take it until you get to the next dock to the south. Once you get out of the boat, turn left and continue until you find the fish.
    • This is also where you'll find the Finest Fish meat that will grant a permanent boost to your movement speed.
  • You'll find one fish inside a room full of meat over at Otto's Mill.

Where to Find Poultry in Resident Evil Village

  • There's a place full of chickens behind the house with the red chimney in the village. Don't worry too much about finding it. Most likely, you'll wander to this location by accident after you're done with Castle Dimitrescu.
  • After getting the key from the piano puzzle at the Castle Dimitrescu, you can find chicken inside the Iron Insignia Key door in the graveyard.
  • Turn right just as you enter the Fallow Plot field to find a shack in the southern part of the area that has some chickens for you to nab behind.
  • After leaving House Beneviento, you'll gain access to the East Old Town area where you'll find a building on the southwest side with some chickens behind it.
  • After coming out of the minutes, you should find Duke and the dam controls. Behind the building, you'll find chickens.
  • There should be at least one Poultry in the meat room over at Otto's Mill.

Where to Find Meat in Resident Evil Village

  • After you're done with Castle Dimitrescu, you can find pigs at the south end of the West Old Town just nearby the Workshop. You'll know that you're there if you've entered the gate that has the sign "Do Not Enter".
  • Once you've beaten Lord Donna of House Beneviento, head on over to the Gardner's House. The animals will be on the left side of the path.
  • There's a Windmill over at Moreau's Reservoir where you'll find a goat just waiting for you to snatch it up.
  • A goat can be wandering around the middle of the village near the graveyard after you're finished with Moreau's Reservoir.
  • Another goat will be hanging out just in front of Otto's Mill. You'll also find some meat inside the room full of meat inside the building.

Rare Animals in Resident Evil Village


The Bluebird is the first rare animal you'll get a chance to encounter in Resident Evil Village.

The first rare animal that you can get in Resident Evil Village is the Bluebird. To know where it is, head on over to the Gardner's House near House Beneviento. There should be a photograph there that will mark the location of the Bluebird.

You should be able to find the Bluebird around the marked area, which should be in the graveyard surrounding the Maiden and Demon Gates of castle Dimitrescu. Look for a tree just right in front of the gate.

Use the Juicy Game ingredient to make the Tochitura de Pui for a permanent boost to your total health.

White Pig

You'll have to backtrack a bit to a place that you've visited before to find the White Pig.

You'll find the White Pig following your return from House Beneviento. However, you'll only find the photo that will identify the White Pig and mark its location as you head on over to Moreau's Reservoir. You should find the photo on a barrel just right outside the windmill just before you head inside the reservoir area.

As for the White Pig, you'll find it near Luiza's House. Specifically, inside the yard behind the small house where you rescued Elena and her father early in the game.

Finding the White Pig will give you the Quality Meat ingredient needed for Ciorbe de Porc, which will permanently reduce the damage that you take whenever you guard against an attack.

Yellow Fish

The Yellow Fish is arguably the easiest rare animal in Resident Evil Village to find.

The Yellow Fish is the last rare animal of Resident Evil Village and you'll find it after leaving Moreau's Reservoir. As we've already explained earlier, you'll find the Yellow Fish inside a pool full of other fish just right before you cross the river to reach the Ceremony Site. Please refer to our earlier explanation of how to get there.

Once you get your hands on the Yellow Fish, you can use the Finest Fish meat to cook Sarmale de Peste for a permanent movement speed boost.

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