A Guide to the Best Fire Storm Pyromancer Build in Outriders

The concept of the Pyromancer in Outriders is very simple: burn everything down.

The Fire Storm Pyromancer leaves enemies very little chance of survival by burning them down to a crisp and living off of their burned corpses.

Whereas the other classes in Outriders are concerned with either keeping their distance and taking out enemies from afar (Technomancer) or soaking up damage (Devastator) or moving around the battlefield to take as little damage as possible while dishing out as much as you can (Trickster), the Pyromancer only wants to see the enemy smoldering and burnt to a crisp.

While this does make the Pyromancer one of the most destructive classes in Outriders, it does give it very little leeway in terms of flexibility and versatility. Not to mention, an improperly-built Pyromancer in Outriders won't be able to literally blaze the path forward.

With that said, we're here to help players out who are looking for the best Pyromancer Fire Storm build in Outriders.

What Is The Best Pyromancer Build in Outriders?

Of Outriders' four distinct classes, each one has access to three distinct class trees. It is possible to overlap between two trees, but it isn't always recommended. In the case of the Pyromancer, players can choose from three trees, namely, Tempest, Ash Breaker, and Fire Storm.

At the moment, all three class trees are noteworthy but only one stands out as arguably the most powerful.

If built properly with the right gear, a Fire Storm Pyromancer can take out anything and anyone in Outriders with ease.

What Makes a Fire Storm Pyromancer Build So Good in Outriders?

There are very few builds in Outriders that are self-sufficient at higher World Tiers and the Fire Storm Pyromancer is one of them.

The specialized powers of the Pyromancer in Outriders mean that versatility isn't the class's strong suit. The class is only as powerful as how far you lean into your initial tree. In this case, leaning towards the Ash Breaker and Tempest trees can effectively make your Pyromaster a weaker version of itself.

One particular reason why we and a lot of players agree that the Fire Storm Pyromancer in Outriders is the most powerful build as of the moment is that it blends excellent tanking and lifesteal capabilities with a heavy dose of weapon damage and Anomaly Power.

Naturally, a Fire Storm Pyromancer won't have much in the way of disables like those built as an Ashbreaker. Nor will a Fire Storm Pyromancer put up huge numbers like Tempest build Pyromancer. However, there is a reason Fire Storm Pyromancers are frequently seen soloing boss fights at higher World Tiers. Pyromancers that follow the Fire Storm tree are far more sustainable and can go on longer on their own.

Ideal Critical Nodes for a Fire Storm Pyromancer

The Fire Storm Pyromancer makes up for the lack of versatility by leaning too heavily on its specialist nuker role that lets you survive on your own and thrive when playing with others.

The traits or nodes that you select for your character in Outriders can make or break its efficiency. In this case, building a Pyromancer via the Fire Storm tree while trying to get other nodes from other trees can weaken your character instead of making it more versatile. Instead of trying to favor Anomaly Power or physical damage, a Fire Storm Pyromancer will benefit more from added durability and sustainability.

To that end, the four traits that stand out the most are Wildfire, All Guns Blazing, as well as Distant Flame, and Magma Golem.

Getting the minor Magma Golem trait is self-explanatory. The trait makes your Pyromancer more durable by adding 10% health. Meanwhile, it feeds directly into the major Distant Flame trait that increases Anomaly Power by 2.5% for each level of Magma Golem you have unlocked. Meanwhile, investing in Wildfire lowers the cooldown on all Pyromancer skills by 10%.

With a lower skill cooldown and higher health, investing even more points towards All Guns Blazing lets you increase your Pyromancer's weapon damage by 20% for 7 seconds to make it easier to take down enemies in a flash as Unquenchable takes care of your survivability by increasing Skill Leech by 6%.

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Essentially, your goal for your Pyromancer Fire Storm build is to cast a skill at least once every 7 seconds to make sure that you can take advantage of the All Guns Blazing bonus weapon damage for as long as possible.

Best Skills for a Fire Storm Pyromancer

As previously mentioned, the best skills for a Fire Storm Pyromancer are ones that players can cast every 7 seconds. Pyromancer skills with low cooldowns allow players to take advantage of Magma Elemental's armor-piercing and resistance-piercing properties. At the same time, it makes All Guns Blazing's bonus of 20% weapon damage all that more effective.

F.A.S.E.R Beam is an easy choice for a Fire Storm Pyromancer. The skill has a 10-second cooldown, which will go even lower with Wildfire. Meanwhile, getting Thermal Bomb and Feed the Flames are crucial for Fire Storm Pyromancers. The former is a great way to deal with mobs, especially at higher World Tiers. Meanwhile, the latter is one of the best ways to single out targets like bosses and snipers because it draws selected enemies out and pulls them towards you.

The constant burn applied by using F.A.S.E.R Beam and Thermal Bomb, as well as your gun, is what will make the Fire Storm Pyromancer such a powerhouse in Outriders.

Best Weapons and Mods for Fire Storm Pyromancer


  • Ashen Champion - Instead of applying the Burn status effect, F.A.S.E.R. Beam will apply Ash instead. The mod will also increase the Anomaly Damage of the Pyromancer for each enemy hit, making the mod perfect for clearing mobs.
  • Size Matters - The wider radius of the F.A.S.E.R Beam synergizes well with the natural mob-clearing abilities of the Pyromancer.
  • Branded - The mod lets the Pyromancer do double damage to enemies hit with the Thermal Bomb skill.
  • Double Fun - This mod synergizes perfectly with the Branded mod as it lets the Pyromancer hit two targets with Thermal Bomb
  • Fire Frenzy - Another mod for the Thermal Bomb skill, Fire Frenzy lets the Pyromancer can the Thermal Bomb skill again before it goes on cooldown


  • Main Weapon: Shelrog's Excrescene - To be honest, it was a toss-up between the Shelrog's Excrescence and the Deathshield. However, the synergy of the Burn motif of Shelrog's Excrescence is just too perfect of a fit with the build to ignore
  • Sub Weapon: Inferno Seed - This is a no-brainer. It's an Assault Rifle that inflicts Burn damage to enemies within a 5-meter radius for every Critical Hit landed. Not to mention, Critical Hits no longer consume bullets with this weapon equipped.
  • Pistol: This isn't really that important. You can equip whatever you want. You won't be needing to use your Pistol most of the time as a Fire Storm Pyromancer

Now, for the armor, your choice isn't that important. Either that, or we simply haven't had a problem with our armor as of yet while playing as a Fire Storm Pyromancer. Regardless, we recommend getting any piece of Epic or Legendary rarity armor that has Anomaly Power, Status Power, and/or Cooldown Reduction bonuses.

As we've already mentioned, your goal as a Fire Storm Pyromancer is to cycle through your selected number of skills as often as possible.

Are There Pyromancer Builds Effective?

Yes, up to a certain extent. The main problem with the Ash Breaker and Tempest Pyromancer is that both lean a bit too hard on the glass cannon stereotype. As a result, while they might end up dealing more damage compared to a Fire Storm Pyromancer, they lack the survivability needed at higher World Tiers. Although both build types might end up finding a lot of success when playing with the right party, they need far more help than the more self-sufficient Fire Storm Pyromancer.

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