Best Dropzones / Locations to Land in Warzone

Verdansk, the map in Call Of Duty: Warzone is massive and contains over 330 various points of interest. The giant map is split into five different sectors, and each sector has its own set of zones.

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The sheer size of Verdansk can be intimidating for some players and this guide will help you identify the optimal locations for dropping to start with the best loot.

Highly crowded (red) and less crowded (yellow) landing points

For comparison, here's a map annotated with loot locations depending on quality. Keep both in mind when picking your landing zone.

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Zhokov Boneyard

The Zhokov Boneyard is highly crowded, being one of the best places to land and get the loot. We highly recommend that if you are going to land here, you do so with your squad instead of trying to go solo!

Downtown Tavorsk District

Downtown Tavorsk District is another highly crowded landing zone, perhaps due to is positioning which is in the center of the map. It also contains some exceptional loot, if you are quick enough. Just be prepared to engage in close quarter combat if you choose to land here, as there will definitely be other players.

Gora Dam

Gora Dam is another excellent place to land in order to loot some of the best gear available in the game. Like Tavorsk District and the Boneyard however, be prepared for a fight, and ideally have your squad with you!

Arklov Peak Military Base

The Arklov Peak Military Base is notorious for both its loot and the number of players you're likely to find there. The Military Base is located in the northern part of the map. Because there are no other locations offering decent loot nearby, you'll often find it crowded. The location is even more populated when it's in the plane's flight path!

Zordaya Prison Complex

Zordaya Prison Complex is a less crowded landing location that you'll find in the south-eastern part of the map. Despite the (comparatively) low amount of other players, it also offers some nice loot.

The Prison Complex is located at the edge of the bottom right corner of the map. Just be aware that if the flight begins from this location, it will be super crowded, and you should prepare accordingly!

Krovnik Farmland

The Krovnik Farmland can be found to the north of the Zordaya Prison Complex. It has a good balance of loot versus population and if you manage to show up reasonably early, you should be able to walk away with a decent loadout.

Bloc 15

Bloc 15 is located just south of the Karst River Quarry and it usually has a minimal amount of players that choose to land there, because most tend to opt for the Quarry itself.

Bloc 6

Bloc 6 can be found between the BCH TV Station and Verdansk Stadium. If you don't want to engage in a firefight early on in the match, we recommend landing here. There is still some loot to be found and typically few other players.

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