The best Days Gone mods available right now

The best thing about the PC release of Days Gone is it opened it up to an entire community dedicated to improving the game in every way possible.

Now that Bend Studio's open-world zombie game, Days Gone, is available on the PC, modders have a chance to make the game "better".

Days Gone is one of the more underrated games to release on the PS4. These mods for the PC version help make it become even better.

While improvements are always subjective, we do believe that the best Days Gone mods have a lot to offer to the game. They cover everything from weapon tweaks and customizations, as well as graphical improvements, and more.

Scroll down below if you'd like to learn more about the best Days Gone mods available today.

Massive (Challenging) Hordes

As if the default hordes in Days Gone weren't enough.

Even before it was launched, one of the biggest selling points of Days Gone was its hordes. It's the only zombie game available today that fully encapsulates what it feels like to fight against hundreds of zombies all clumped together. While the game's default hordes are challenging, more experienced players might find themselves wanting more.

The Massive (Challenging) Hordes adds exactly that.

Aigmir's mod for Days Gone increases the horde sizes. The smaller hordes will go from 50 to 200 while the largest hordes can have up to 670 zombies at one point.

Just be careful about installing this mod. There are reports that it won't work if the hordes had already started respawning in your game. If this is the case, you might need to start over to see the mod in full effect. Aigmir specifically states that he had to start a new game to make the mod work for him.


Days Gone was a gorgeous game on the PS4. On the PC? It looks nothing short of amazing.

Days Gone's arrival on the PC meant that players could start enjoying Bend Studio's latest title with the best possible graphics. However, despite the slew of improvements to the game's graphics that the PC version had compared to the PS4, some modders felt that it wasn't enough. It didn't take long for them to release their own performance and graphics tweaks for Days Gone that's aimed to get audiences the highest graphics settings possible for the game.

Alan Poster's Not a Reshade mod is arguably the best graphics mod available for Days Gone. It doesn't reshade or retexture whatever the game already has. Instead, it takes its reflections, ambient occlusion, shadows, distance shadows, god rays, tone mapping, and more, then makes them all better. The best part? The performance hit isn't as drastic as you might expect.

The resulting visual improvement is amazing, to say the least. Be warned, not everyone PC can run Days Gone maxed out, let alone with the Not a Reshade mod installed.


Days Gone isn't a GTA game, that much is clear. This means that it doesn't come with console commands and cheat codes by default. Luckily, some mods can fix that.

Wemod is a trainer available for Days Gone that lets players use cheats like Unlimited Credits, God Mod, Unlimited Ammo, and more. So far, the Days Gone wemod trainer has over 35 cheats and all of them are supported on Steam.

You can check out what other cheats are available on Wemod via the official page.

First Person Camera Mod

It's amazing how a simple change in perspective can have a drastic impact on gameplay.

One of the biggest reasons why Resident Evil Biohazard and its sequel, Resident Evil Village, were such successes was because of their shift to a first-person perspective.

Seeing the action as up close and personal made both Resident Evil titles more immersive. The First Person Camera mod for Days Gone does just that for this more action-oriented zombie title.

2x Engine Speed

Go faster than ever before with 2X Engine Speed Days Gone mod.

Days Gone's open-world is relatively large when you consider that your only modes of transportation are going on foot and riding on your motorcycle. The latter is obviously what most players prefer. Unfortunately, despite numerous upgrades, it can still feel a tad too slow.

The 2X Engine Speed mod by TheNeru solves this by doubling the maximum speed of Deacon's bike.

Just be careful - it doesn't double the fuel capacity. So you might find yourself a sitting duck, while running from an entire horde, unless you keep an eye on that fuel gauge.

Multiple Fuel Tank Capacities

You'll feel a lot better roaming around in Days Gone knowing that you won't run out of fuel anytime soon.

Speaking of running out of fuel, the Multiple Tank Fuel Capacities mod by Navsigda lets users select how much larger they want their bike's fuel tank capacity to become. This can range from 50% extra up to 250% more, which should be more than enough to ride around the majority of Days Gone's map without needing to refuel so often.

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