Best Builds for Geo Traveler in Genshin Impact

Even though your Traveler starts with Anemo abilities, your character can also harness the powers of the Geo element. Some people do not know how to unlock their Geo Abilities. This article will show you how to unlock the Geo Abilities for the Traveler.

The Geo Traveler is great for exploration due to its skills that create boulders to climb on. However, keep in mind that once you switch to the Geo Traveler, you cannot use your Anemo abilities.

The Geo Traveler is also a great support damage dealer and a suitable replacement for Zhongli. Equip the Geo Traveler right, and he can become a great AoE Geo damage dealer for your team. The Geo Traveler's elemental bursts can take down multiple enemies at once. This article will also discuss his skills, ascension materials, the best builds, and team compositions fit for the Geo Traveler.

How to Unlock Geo Traveler

Interacting with the Geo Statue of Seven.

A lot of people do not realize they can change their abilities to Geo set of skills. At the moment, the Traveler can only harness the Geo and Anemo skills. However, Genshin Impact's creators aim to let the Traveler harness all the elements in Genshin Impact. To unlock the Traveler's Geo abilities, you must go to the Geo Statue of Seven located in the Liyue region. The nearest Statue of Seven will be in the Bishui Plain in Liyue.

Once you arrive at the statue, interact with it and press "Resonate with Geo." After Resonating with the Statue, your Traveler's skills will change into Geo. You cannot harness two elements at the same time. If you would like to switch back to the Anemo Traveler, you can interact with the Anemo Statue of Seven in the Mondstadt region. Press Resonate with Anemo when interacting with the statue, and you should get your Anemo Skills back.

Geo Traveler’s Talents

Geo Traveler's constellation path.

Below is the information about the Traveler's Geo set of skills.

Foreign Rockblade

The description of Foreign Rockblade.

Foreign Rockblade is the Geo Traveler's attacks. The Geo Traveler's normal attack performs five strikes while charged attacks perform two successive strikes. The Geo Traveler's Plunging attack deals AoE damage when landing.

Starfell Sword

The definition of Starfell Sword.

Starfell Sword is the Geo Traveler's Elemental Skill. Using this skill summons a meteorite coming from the depths of the earth. This meteorite deals with AoE Geo damage and becomes a platform you can climb on. You can also use this skill to block incoming attacks or as a wall. Holding the skill allows you to reposition the meteorite.

Wake of Earth

The definition of the Wake of Earth.

Wake of the Earth is the elemental burst of Geo Traveler. This skill creates a shockwave that pushes enemies back and provides AoE Geo damage on surrounding enemies. At the end of the shockwave, crystallized boulders will emerge. You can use these crystallized boulders as a blockage for incoming enemy attacks.

Shattered Darkrock

The definition of Shattered Darkrock.

This passive unlocks at Ascension level 1. Shattered Darkrock reduces the cooldown of Starfell Sword by two seconds.

Frenzied Rockslide

The definition of Frenzied Rockslide.

Frenzied Rockslide is a passive talent that unlocks at Ascension level 4. Every last normal attack hit, it triggers an effect called collapse. This effect deals 60% of your ATK as Geo elemental damage.

Geo Traveler Build

Climbing the Geo Traveler's Geo boulder.

The focus of Geo Traveler's build is to increase his/her ATK and AoE damage. The Geo Traveler works best as supporting damage, so artifact sets that provide a boost for your entire team is a priority as well.


The Geo Traveler fighting enemies.

The Geo Traveler works best as support damage. The recommended weapons for the Geo Traveler help increase his ATK DMG or Crit Rate. You can also choose to focus on the Geo Traveler's AoE damage if you would like to take out multiple enemies at once.

The Flute

The Flute's stats and weapon ascension materials.

The Flute is a five-star weapon that gives 42 Base ATK. This weapon has an effect called the Chord that gives you a harmonic every time you perform a normal or charged attack. After gaining five harmonics, it deals 100% ATK DMG to the enemies around you. Every harmonic you gain can last for 30 seconds. This weapon is perfect for increasing the AoE damage of the Geo Traveler and taking down multiple enemies at once. Below are the required materials to upgrade The Flute:

  • Level 20: 3x Boreal Wolf's Milk Tooth, 3x Dead Ley Line Branch, 2x Slime Condensate
  • Level 40: 3x Boreal Wolf's Cracked Tooth, 12x Dead Ley Line Branch, 8x Slime Condensate
  • Level 50: 6x Boreal Wolf's Cracked Tooth, 6x Dead Ley Line Leaves, 6x Slime Secretions
  • Level 60: 3x Boreal Wolf's Broken Fang, 12x Dead Ley Line Leaves, 9x Slime Secretions
  • Level 70: 6x Boreal Wolf's Broken Fang, 9x Ley Line Sprouts, 6x Slime Concentrate
  • Level 80: 4x Boreal Wolf's Nostalgia, 18x  Ley Line Sprouts, 12x Slime Concentrate

Skyward Blade

The Skyward Blade's stats and passive information.

The skyward blade is another five-star weapon that gives an effect called Sky-piercing Fang. Sky-piercing Fang increases your Crit Rate by 4%. This weapon also increases your movement speed by ten percent and your attack speed by ten percent. Equipping this weapon also increases the damage of your normal and charged attacks by 20% every 12 seconds. Increasing your Crit Rate gives the Geo Traveler better damage for your team. The required materials for upgrading the Skyward Blade are the same as The Flute but in different quantities. 

Fillet Blade

The Fillet Blade's stats and passive effect.

A more common three-star weapon you could equip Geo Traveler is the Fillet Blade. This weapon gives you 39 Base ATK and is obtainable via Chests. This weapon provides Gash's effect, which offers a 50% chance of dealing 240% ATK DMG to an enemy whenever you successfully land an attack on an enemy. Below are the materials needed for upgrading your Fillet Blade:

  • Level 20: 2x Mist Veiled Lead Elixir, 2x Mist Grass Pollen, 1x Treasure Hoarder Insignia
  • Level 40: 2x Mist Veiled Mercury Elixir, 8x Mist Grass Pollen, 5x Treasure Hoarder Insignia
  • Level 50:4x Mist Veiled Mercury Elixir, 4x Mist Grass, 4x Silver Raven Insignia
  • Level 60:2x Mist Veiled Gold Elixir, 8x Mist Grass, 6x Silver Raven Insignia
  • Level 70:4x Mist Veiled Gold Elixir, 6x Mist Grass Wick, 4x Golden Raven Insignia
  • Level 80: 3x Mist Veiled Primo Elixir, 12x Mist Grass Wick, 8x Golden Raven Insignia

Geo Traveler Artifact Set

Geo Traveler equipped with the berserker's artifact set.

The downside of the Geo Traveler is that his Elemental Skills summons boulders that can block your teammates whenever they are attacking. However, bow users like Amber and Fischl can benefit from the Geo Traveler's skills because they can stand on top of the boulder and attack enemies safely from a distance. Below are some of the recommended Artifact sets for the Geo Traveler.

Gladiator’s Finale

Gladiator's Finale's artifact bonus description.

Just like Anemo Traveler, the Geo Traveler benefits well in equipping Gladiator's Finale. Getting 2-piece of this artifact set will increase your ATK by 18%. Equipping four pieces of this set increases the wielder's Normal Attack DMG by 35% if they wield a Sword, Claymore, or Polearm. This set is obtainable by defeating Elite Bosses and Weekly Bosses at World Level 2 and above. Below are the artifact pieces for this set:

  • Gladiator's Nostalgia gives 645 to 4,780 HP depending on its rarity.
  • Gladiator's Destiny gives 42 to 311 HP, depending on its rarity.
  • Gladiator's Longing gives a minimum of 6.3% HP, 7.9% DEF, 6.3% ATK%, 25 Elemental Mastery, and 7.0% Energy Recharge.
  • Gladiator's Intoxication gives a minimum of 6.3% of HP, 7.9% of DEF, 6.3% ATK%, 25 Elemental Mastery, 6.3% Elemental DMG Bonus, and 7.9% of Physical DMG Bonus.
  • Gladiator's Triumphus gives a minimum of 6.3% HP, 7.9% DEF, 6.3% ATK%, 25 Elemental Mastery, 4.2% of CRIT Rate, 8.4% CRIT DMG, and 4.8% Healing Bonus.

Bloodstained Chivalry

The Bloodstained Chivalry artifact set.

Another Artifact set that increases the Geo Traveler's DMG is the Bloodstained Chivalry. Getting two pieces of this artifact set increases your Physical DMG by 25%. The Artifact set's 4-piece bonus increases your charged attack's DMG by 50% and reduces the stamina cost to 0 for 10 seconds whenever you defeat an enemy. Below are the artifact pieces for this set and their effect when you equip them:

  • Bloodstained Flower of Iron: HP 645-4780
  • Bloodstained Black Plume: ATK 42-311
  • Bloodstained Final Hour: HP% 6.3%-46.6%, DEF% 7.9%-58.3%, ATK% 6.3%-46.6%, Elemental Mastery 25-187, Energy Recharge% 7.0-51.8%
  • Bloodstained Chevalier's Goblet:HP% 6.3%-46.6%, DEF% 7.9%-58.3%, ATK% 6.3%-46.6%, Elemental Mastery 25-187, Elemental DMG Bonus% 6.3%-46.6%, Physical DMG Bonus 7.9%-58.3%
  • Bloodstained Iron Mask:HP% 6.3%-46.6%, DEF% 7.9%-58.3%, ATK% 6.3%-46.6%, Elemental Mastery 25-187, CRIT Rate% 4.2%-31.1%, CRIT DMG% 8.4-62.2%, Healing Bonus% 4.8%-35.9%

You can get the Bloodstained Chevalier Goblet if you speak to Sister Victoria in the Mondstadt Cathedral. Otherwise, you can obtain the other artifact pieces in Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern in levels 1-3.

Archaic Petra

The Archaic Petra artifact set.

The Archaic Petra set focuses on improving the damage of your Geo skills. Getting two pieces of this artifact set increases your Geo DMG bonus by 15%. Equipping four pieces of this artifact set gives you the ability to obtain an Elemental Shard. You can get an Elemental Shard whenever you perform a Crystallize reaction. This effect provides all of your party members a bonus of 35% Elemental DMG. for every 10 seconds. Below are the artifact pieces for this set:

  • Flower of Creviced Cliff: HP 645-4780
  • Feather of Jagged Peaks: ATK 42-311
  • Sundial of Enduring Jade: HP% 6.3%-46.6%, DEF% 7.9%-58.3%, ATK% 6.3%-46.6%, Elemental Mastery 25-187, Energy Recharge% 7.0-51.8%
  • Goblet of Chiseled Crag:HP% 6.3%-46.6%, DEF% 7.9%-58.3%, ATK% 6.3%-46.6%, Elemental Mastery 25-187, Elemental DMG Bonus% 6.3%-46.6%, Physical DMG Bonus 7.9%-58.3%
  • Mask of Solitude Basalt:P% 6.3%-46.6%, DEF% 7.9%-58.3%, ATK% 6.3%-46.6%, Elemental Mastery 25-187, CRIT Rate% 4.2%-31.1%, CRIT DMG% 8.4-62.2%, Healing Bonus% 4.8%-35.9%

Talent Upgrade Materials

The Geo Traveler uses the same Ascension materials as the Anemo Traveler because they are the same character. However, below is a guide on the materials you need to upgrade your Geo Talents and how to get them.

Enemy Drops/Samachurls

Divining scroll dropped by enemies.
  • Divining Scroll
  • Sealed Scroll
  • Forbidden Curse Scroll

Domain Drops every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Teachings of freedom is a material needed for talent upgrades.
  • Teachings of Freedom
  • Guide to Freedom
  • Guide to Resistance
  • Guide to Ballad
  • Philosophies of Freedom
  • Philosophies of Resistance
  • Philosophies of Ballad

Dvalin Boss Drop

Fighting Stormterror Dvalin as an enemy boss.
  • Dvalin's Sigh

Team Compositions


Geo-focused team with Ningguang as the main DPS.

One of the teams that could work well with the Geo Traveler is having Ningguang as your main DPS. Some people think Ningguang does not work well as the primary damage dealer, but she is one of the best characters that deal burst damage when you upgrade her constellations. The Geo Focused team consists of Ningguang as the main DPS. You also have Fischl and the Geo Traveler as the Secondary DPS, and finally, Venti as your support and utility character.

This team works well in boss fights and deals massive AoE damage. Having two Geo elemental characters in your team also gives you an Elemental Resonance, which increases your attack DMG by 15% whenever a shield protects you.

Cryo Team

Cryo team with Chongyun as the main DPS.

This Cryo Team focuses on Chongyun as the main DPS. This Cryo team composes of Chongyun, Kaeya, Venti, and the Geo Traveler. The Geo Traveler and Kaeya will work as secondary support damage while having Venti as a utility and support character. The two Cryo characters increase your team's CRIT Rate by 15% whenever they are affected by Cryo elements. The Geo boulders you summon could also work well in trapping your enemies if you pair them with Venti's skill.

High Damage Team

High-damaged team with Diluc as the main DPS.

This High Damage team uses Diluc as the main DPS. The other characters included in this team are Fischl and the Geo Traveler. Diluc is already a character that deals an insane amount of damage. However, pairing him with Xiangling or another Pyro character increases your team's burst damage more. Having two Pyro characters create an Elemental Resonance that increases your ATK by 25%. Fischl acts as an enabler that provides you with many elemental reactions, and the Geo Traveler gives your party a buff from his Constellation level 1 skill.


The catalysts summoned by Geo Traveler's skills.

You can unlock the Traveler's Geo Skills by resonating with the Geo Statue of Seven in the Liyue region. Interacting with the statue gives you a new set of Geo skills that can summon Geo constructs. Some of the weapon recommendations for the Geo Traveler is the Fillet Blade and The Flute. For the Geo Traveler's artifact sets, you can equip the Gladiator's Finale and Archaic Petra to increase your ATK DMG or Elemental DMG. The Geo Traveler works best with another Geo element character or damage dealers like Diluc. You can also use the Geo Traveler as a suitable replacement for Zhongli.

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