Best Builds for Anemo Traveler in Genshin Impact

The Anemo traveler is your first character in Genshin Impact, and learning how to build your traveler will help you drastically with quests and challenges. Even though the Traveler is a free character, do not underestimate the Traveler's power. They can become a powerful damage dealer or support damage dealer on your team if built right. And the best thing about building around the Anemo Traveler is you can do it very early on in the game.

This article will talk about the skills of Anemo Traveler and how to utilize them. The article will also talk about the best builds and team compositions for the Traveler. You can choose to pair up the Traveler with another Anemo character to create an elemental resonance or focus purely on dealing damage. This guide will also give tips and tricks on using the Anemo traveler and how you can ascend the character.

Anemo Traveler's talents

The Talents of the Anemo Traveler.

Foreign Ironwind

Description of Anemo Traveler's attacks.

The Anemo Traveler's normal attacks perform up to five consecutive strikes. The Charged Attack consumes stamina and performs two rapid sword strikes. And lastly, the Plunging attack is a strike from mid-air that deals AoE damage upon impact.

Palm Vortex

Description of Palm Vortex.

The Palm Vortex is the Anemo Traveler's Elemental Skill. The Traveler calls upon the wind's might and casts a vortex of vacuum, casting continuous Anemo Damage to the enemies in front. After the skill duration, the vortex will explode and deal with AoE Anemo damage. If you hold, the damage and Aoe will increase. Another unique effect is that it causes Elemental absorption. If the vortex comes in contact with other elements, it will combine with the vortex and deal elemental damage according to the combined element.

Gust Surge

Description of Gust Surge.

Gust Surge is the Anemo Traveler's Elemental burst. The skill guides the wind currents path and pulls the objects towards the tornado, including enemies, and deals with continuous Anemo damage. Just like the Palm Vortex, the skill has elemental absorption and will absorb any additional element it comes in contact with. However, you can activate Elemental Absorption once per skill.

Slitting Wind

Description of Slitting Wind.

The slitting wind is the Anemo Traveler's passive, which is unlocked at Ascension level 1. This passive gives the last hit of your normal attack a wind blade that deals 60% of your ATK as an Anemo Damage. The wind blade damages all opponents upon its path.

Second Wind

Description of Second Wind.

The Second Wind is unlocked at Ascension level 4. This passive allows the Palm vortex kills to regenerate 2% of your HP for 5 seconds. The effect can occur every 5 seconds.

Anemo Traveler Build

The Anemo Traveler in the Fatui Hideout.

The Anemo Traveler works best as a support damage dealer. The Elemental absorption effect of the traveler makes her a great addition to any team. However, you can also pair her up with Venti to provide an elemental resonance. The addition of venti also allows the team to take out multiple enemies at once. The Anemo traveler build's primary focus is to increase his/her Anemo and swirl damage and reduce the enemies' Elemental resistance.


The Anemo Traveler equipped with Phototype Rancour.

There are multiple weapon choices for the Anemo traveler. Below are some of the weapons you can use for the Anemo traveler and their effects.

Skyward Blade

The Skyward Blade's stats.

The best weapon for the Anemo Traveler is undeniably the Skyward Blade. You would usually pair this weapon with the Viridescent Venerer Artifact set. The set gives a bonus, which will be discussed below. Equipping Skyward Blade increases your Crit rate by 4/5/6/7/8%, and it provides Skypiercing Might when you use your Elemental Burst skill. It increases your movement speed by 10%, attack speed by 10%, and increase your attack damage 20/25/30/35/40% for 12 seconds.

Iron Sting

The Iron Sting's stats depending on rarity.

A four-star weapon recommended for the Anemo traveler is the Iron Sting. You can forge the Iron Sting via the Blacksmith. Equipping the Iron Sting gives you a 42 Base ATK and an Elemental Mastery increase of 36.  The Iron Sting gives you Injected Thorn. Injected Thorn increases the damage dealt by 6% after you deal Elemental Damage. You can stack this effect twice, but it can only occur every second.

Here are the Materials you need when forging the Iron Sting:

  • Northlander Sword Prototype
  • Crystal Chunk
  • White Iron Chunk

Favonius Sword

The stats of Favonius Sword depending on its rarity.

Another replacement weapon you can use for the Anemo Traveler is the Favonius Sword. This weapon gives you energy recharge, which allows you to spam the skills of the Anemo Traveler. Favonius Sword gives your CRIT hits a 60/70/80/90/100% chance to generate an Elemental Orb. The Elemental Orb gives six energy. However, this effect can only occur every 12/10.5/9/7.5/6 seconds.

Anemo Traveler's Artifact Set

The Anemo Traveler without any Artifacts equipped.

The Artifact sets included in this guide focuses on giving the Anemo Traveler additional elemental damage and energy recharge. This effect allows him/her to spam the skills and deal AoE damage.

Viridescent Venerer

The Stat Bonus that is given by the Viridescent Venerer Artifact Set.

The best Artifact set for the Anemo Traveler is the Viridescent Venerer. Having two pieces of the Viridescent Venerer gives you a 15% Anemo damage bonus.  Completing four pieces of this Artifact set increases your Swirl DMG by 60%. A four-piece also decreases your opponent's elemental resistance by 40% to the element that is infused by the Swirl every ten seconds. You can get these from the Valley of Remembrance. Below are the artifact pieces of Viridescent Venerer:

  • In Remembrance of Viridescent Fields: HP 645-4,780
  • Viridescent Arrow Feather: ATK 42-311
  • Viridescent Venerer's Determination: HP% 6.3% - 46.6%, DEF%: 7.9%-58.3%, ATK%: 6.3%-46.6%, Elemental Mastery: 25-187, Energy Recharge: 7.0% - 51.8%
  • Viridescent Venerer's Vessel: HP% 6.3% - 46.6%, DEF%: 7.9%-58.3%, ATK%: 6.3%-46.6%, Elemental Mastery: 25-187, Elemental DMG Bonus: 6.3% - 46.6%, Physical DMG Bonus: 7.9%- 58.3%
  • Viridescent Venerer's Diadem:HP% 6.3% - 46.6%, DEF%: 7.9%-58.3%, ATK%: 6.3%-46.6%, Elemental Mastery: 25-187, CRIT Rate%: 4.2%-31.1%, CRIT DMG%: 8.4%- 62.2%, Healing Bonus%: 4.8%-35.9%
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Berserker Set

The Berserker's Artifact set description and stat bonuses.

Another useful Artifact set for the Anemo Traveler is the Berserker set. The set gives a 36% CRIT boost and is great for characters that have a scaling CRIT. The two-piece set bonus of the Berserker Artifact set increases your Crit Rate by 12%.  Completing the four-piece set bonus of Berserker increases your Crit Rate by 24% whenever your HP is below 70%.  You can obtain the artifacts in looting chests and bosses. Below are the artifact pieces of Berserker Set:

  • Berserker's Battle Mask: HP 430-3571
  • Berserker's Bone Goblet: ATK 28 -232
  • Berserker's Timepiece: HP%: 5.2 - 34.8%, DEF%: 6.6%-43.5%, ATK%: 5.2% -34.8%, Elemental Mastery:21-139, Energy Recharge%: 5.8% - 38.7%
  • Berserker's Indigo Feather: HP%: 5.2 - 34.8%, DEF%: 6.6%-43.5%, ATK%: 5.2% -34.8%, Elemental Mastery:21-139, Elemental DMG Bonus%: 5.2% - 34.8%, Physical DMG Bonus%: 6.6%-43.5%.
  • Berserker's Rose:HP%: 5.2 - 34.8%, DEF%: 6.6%-43.5%, ATK%: 5.2% -34.8%, Elemental Mastery:21-139, CRIT Rate%: 3.5% - 23.2%, CRIT DMG%: 7.0%-46.4%, Healing Bonus%: 4.0%-26.8%

You can complete Domains to receive three-star  Berserker Artifacts:

  • Eagles Gate for Berserker's Timepiece
  • Temple of the Falcon for Berserker's Bone Goblet
  • Temple of the Lion for Berserker's Indigo Feather
  • Temple of the Wolf for Berserker's Battle Mask

Gladiator's Finale

The Gladiator's Nostalgia description and stat bonuses.

The Gladiator's Finale is the best Artifact set for providing the biggest damage boost for melee characters. Using this Artifact Set is great for Damage dealers. The 2-piece bonus of this set increases your ATK by 18%. Completing the set's 4-piece bonus increases the wielder's Normal Attack DMG by 35% if they wield a Sword, Claymore, or Polearm. You can obtain the Artifacts by defeating Elite Bosses and Weekly Bosses at World Level 2 and above. To complete the set, you will need the following Artifact pieces:

  • Gladiator's Nostalgia gives 645 to 4,780 HP depending on its rarity.
  • Gladiator's Destiny gives 42 to 311 HP, depending on its rarity.
  • Gladiator's Longing gives a minimum of 6.3% HP, 7.9% DEF, 6.3% ATK%, 25 Elemental Mastery, and 7.0% Energy Recharge.
  • Gladiator's Intoxication gives a minimum of 6.3% of HP, 7.9% of DEF, 6.3% ATK%, 25 Elemental Mastery, 6.3% Elemental DMG Bonus, and 7.9% of Physical DMG Bonus.
  • Gladiator's Triumphus gives a minimum of 6.3% HP, 7.9% DEF, 6.3% ATK%, 25 Elemental Mastery, 4.2% of CRIT Rate, 8.4% CRIT DMG, and 4.8% Healing Bonus.

Each of the Artifact sets focuses on different stats. The Viridescent Venerer increases your Anemo skills' damage. The Berserker set focuses on increasing your Crit Rate, and the Gladiator's Finale is the best set for increasing your raw damage. The Anemo Traveler works best as a support damage dealer because it can absorb your teammates' elements and reduce your opponent's elemental resistance.

Ascension Materials

The Anemo Traveler's stats.

Ascending the Traveler requires Brilliant Diamonds. Ascending the Traveler is necessary to remove the level cap. Ascending the Anemo Traveler also gives you an ATK% boost. Below are the necessary materials to ascend your Traveler.


  • 3 Windwheel Aster
  • 1 Brilliant Diamond Sliver
  • 3 Damaged Mask


  • 10 Windwheel Aster
  • 3 Brilliant Diamond Fragment
  • 15 Damaged Mask


  • 20 Windwheel Aster
  • 6 Brilliant Diamond Fragment
  • 12 Stained Mask


  • 30 Windwheel Aster
  • 3 Brilliant Diamond Chunk
  • 18 Stained Mask


  • 45 Windwheel Aster
  • 6 Brilliant Diamond Chunk
  • 12 Ominous Mask


  • 60 Windwheel Aster
  • 6 Brilliant Diamond Gemstone
  • 24 Ominous Mask

Team Compositions

The Anemo Traveler conversing with Venti, Diluc, and Jean.

The Anemo traveler is a great free-to-play character. Another benefit is that you start with this character, and you can start building her at a very early stage. Though the Anemo Traveler is not as powerful as some damage dealers, they can be a great addition to a team because of their Anemo skills. Below are some of the team compositions that suit the Anemo Traveler.

Free Team Build

A free-to-play character team composition.

A great free to play team composition includes Xiangling, Barbara, the Anemo Traveler, and Amber. Xiangling and Amber will have elemental resonance and have +25% ATK power. This team can easily spam elemental combos, and Barbara provides healing for your party. The addition of Barbara and Amber allows you to damage your enemies on a long distance. The elemental reactions of the team can help defeat bosses even at a higher level.

Anemo and Geo

Zhongli trapping the enemies with Anemo Traveler's combo.

Another build you could use, especially if you do not have Venti, is Zhongli, Sucrose, Fischl, and Anemo Traveler. This team composition creates a great crystallization effect and is perfect for clearing many enemies all at once. This build uses Fischl as a DPS. The combination of Sucrose and the Anemo Traveler creates an elemental resonance called Impetuous Winds, which decreases Stamina Consumption by 15%. The effect also increases the movement speed by 10% and Skill cooldown reduction by 5%, allowing you to spam skills.


Diluc and Anemo Traveler after getting the Holy Lyre back.

You start the game as the Anemo Traveler. The Anemo Traveler is a great free-to-play character because you can build him or her early on. This character works best as a support damage dealer. The elemental absorption of the Anemo Traveler allows you to fit into any team. The best artifact set for the Anemo Traveler is the Viridescent Venerer because it helps increase the Anemo Damage of the traveler.

The Skyward Blade and Iron Sting are great weapons for the Anemo Traveler. The Skyward Blade increases the Traveler's CRIT and Damage.  While the Iron Sting increases the elemental Damage of your character. You can easily finish up the Anemo Traveler's constellations just by following through the main questline. Ascending the Traveler requires Brilliant Diamonds.  You can pair up the Anemo Traveler with another Anemo character to create a skill-spamming team.

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