Best Battlefield 1 Guns For Every Class

The Battlefield series has lost a lot of ground due to tough competition, particularly with Call of Duty taking its thunder in recent years. However, it is still one of the most popular multiplayer FPS games for many players on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. With four available classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, having the right loadout can be a key element to victory.

Battlefield 1 Best Guns for Every Class

And since Battlefield 1 is an FPS game, no loadout is complete without the right gun for the right job. Battlefield 1’s World War 1 setting offers guns specific to that era. With the many options available, though, which one should you choose for each of the four main classes (Assault, Medic, Scout, and Support)? Let us take a look at the best guns in Battlefield 1. For this list, we will look at all the guns included in the base game plus the DLCs from They Shall Not Pass to Apocalypse.

Assault Class

The Assault class is the frontline shock troops, so dealing damage up close and personal is their specialty while also serving the anti-vehicle role. Thus, hitting hard and fast is a must. Assault kits can choose either a shotgun or a submachine gun for their primary. Shotguns are better for close range with their high damage, but low accuracy and range. Meanwhile, submachine guns provide better range and accuracy, as well as higher ammo capacities.

The Best: M97 Trench Gun

Pound for pound, the M97 Trench Gun is the best shotgun for the Assault Kit. Also known as the Winchester M1897 shotgun, the M97 Trench is the big daddy thanks to an above average accuracy for the shotgun types. With a fairly decent mid-range capability, assault units can afford hanging back with the M97 for 200 warbonds to unlock.

Beyond that, this pump action shotgun has a high rate of fire for its class. Slamfiring (i.e. pressing the fire button while the animation is loading ammunition into the chamber) gives it significant advantage up close, at the cost of significant accuracy loss (which is not a problem in close range). Due to this, it has the limitation of not capable of chamber loading, and instead loads 5 rounds before chambering the first round with a pump action animation delay.

M97 Trench in Action
Assault takes care of business with the close quarters power from an M97 Trench!

The Backbored (aka Hellfighter) variant reduces the effect of recoil, making it more accurate. However, it also has lower damage per shot. This tradeoff is ideal for players who are more comfortable with follow-up shots than single shotgun takedowns.

Runner-Up: Sjögren Inertial Shotgun

An alternative would be the Sjögren Inertial Shotgun. This is a semiautomatic shotgun that you can unlock with 50 Kills with the Model 10-A Slug and 15 kills with the M97 Trench Gun Hunter in one round. This is only available if you have the They Shall Not Pass DLC. It is not as powerful as pump action shotguns, but it has generally a higher rate of fire similar to the 12g Automatic shotgun.

The Best: Ribeyerolles 1918

Submachine guns provide the Assault class better mid-range capability than shotguns. For those who have the They Shall Not Pass DLC, there really is only one choice: The Ribeyerolles 1918. With a consistent damage and accuracy fired from the hip at 22m to 30m range, a good burst can take out hostiles relatively fast. It performs similarly to the more common MP18, but it has a notable feature of having a bipod.

The bipod allows the Assault class to drop and deploy from a prone position. This gives longer range and stability. Although the MP18 has relatively better hipfire performance, the longer range option with the bipod can be extremely useful in multiplayer.

Runner-Up: MP18

That said, the MP18 Trench does a fine job if you do not have the DLC. At 200 Warbonds, the MP18 Trench gives you high hipfire accuracy while having a reliable magazine capacity of 32 rounds. Those additional 2 rounds over the Optical variant can be the difference between taking down an enemy or getting caught flatfooted between combat reloads.

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Medic Class

The Medic might not be intended to take out enemies, but having a decent gun can keep you alive long enough to continue providing healing to your mates. Medic class kits do not have the brute power of the Assault guns nor the long range precision of Scouts. Thus, a Medic should choose a balanced weapon that work somewhere between the middle ground.

The Best: M1907 SL Sweeper

The M1907 SL Sweeper variant is arguably the best gun for a Medic. It has decent hipfire damage and accuracy at close to mid-range. Full automatic fire and the bayonet attachment provides reliability and versatility for Medics that are ambushed or otherwise engaged too close for comfort.

M1907 Sweeper in Action
Don't underestimate the Medic armed with the M1907 SL Sweeper!

Runner Up: RSC 1917

Another option for the best gun for the Medic kit focuses on long range. While this means the Medic cannot always avoid close range engagements, positioning from longer range may be a safer choice. If this is your comfort zone, then choose the RSC 1917 from the They Shall Not Pass expansion DLC. While more difficult to use than the Selbstlader M1916, the RSC 1917 makes up for it in sheer damage potential. It can drop an enemy target with one or two clean body shots from a respectable range. If you’re a good enough sniper, the RSC 1917’s long reload and heavy recoil are worth the trouble.

Scout Class

The Scout is the dedicated sniper in Battlefield 1. Although BF 1 is somewhat fast-paced for those comfortable in being a stationary sniper, finding a good sniper’s roost and taking care of business from extreme long range is quite satisfying (to the annoyance of the enemy team)!

The Best: Gewehr 98 Infantry

For those choosing to going all out as the team’s sniper, the Gewehr 98 Infantry is the best gun. For 200 Warbonds, the Gewehr 98 is virtually unmatched at the 80m to 125m range. It can pick off hostiles with one shot, and survivors will be easy pickings for the rest of your team to manage. You can choose the Marksman variant for better stability and improved accuracy.

Gewehr in Action
Bang! Headshot! The Gewehr 98 Infantry gives a Scout sniping superiority!

Runner-Up: SMLE MKIII Infantry

For Scouts who prefer a more rounded option, the SMLE MKIII Infantry fits perfectly. Although it trades off the best effective range to 40m to 75m, the SMLE MKIII has a higher round capacity. It is also more stable for close quarter engagements. With a 10 round capacity, you have a more likely chance of dispatching an enemy should you miss a kill shot.

Support Class

The Support Class is the backbone of any team in Battlefield 1. You are there to provide cover fire and keep your team stocked with ammunition. Armed with machine guns and gadgets, the best gun for this class should provide ample suppression on a continuous basis. Or if you are playing a more offensive role, deliver high damage with a machinegun that is sufficiently accurate.

The Best: M1917 Low Weight

The M1917 Low Weight is the best gun for the Support class who wish to fill their role of providing suppression fire to a tee. 250 rounds and a bipod attachment means you can lay down the suppression with a greater accuracy than most heavy machine guns in BF 1.

M1917 in Action
Suppression fire is the name of the game for the Support Class!

Runner-Up: BAR M1918 Trench

Tired of only providing cover fire while the rest of your team rakes up the kills? Choose the BAR M1918 Trench. Sacrificing the larger magazine capacity, the BAR M1918 Trench is the LMG to use when you want to be able to fire from the hip and deal good damage with a decent rate of fire and accuracy. The velocity and lower damage falloff make it a potential threat even at 35m away.

The Best Gun is the Best Fit

Battlefield 1 Best Guns
The best Battlefield 1 gun is the one you dominate with!

Ultimately, the best guns in Battlefield 1 are the ones you are most comfortable with. Having said that, these suggestions are the top picks for every BF 1 class to fit a variety of options and play styles. And keep your eye out for more in-depth guides to maximizing your play of the Battlefield series of games!

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