10 Best Apple Arcade Games for Kids

Regardless of whether or not you agree that screen time is good for kids or not, one thing that you can't deny is that children these days are exposed to phones from a young age.

Beyond Blue is easily one of the best educational games on Apple Arcade for kids.

This creates a dilemma where young children might already know how to use their parent's phones or might even have their phones or tablets, but don't necessarily have the good judgment and know how to distinguish content that's appropriate for their age.

Apple solves this problem for iOS and iPadOS users with the Apple Arcade.

The game subscription service is currently home to a growing number of excellent games from all sorts of genres that cater to gamers of all ages.

If you're looking for the best Apple Arcade games for kids to keep them busy while everyone is stuck at home, then we've got you covered.

Sonic Racing

Sonic Racing is a surprisingly responsive and smooth racer that's free on the Apple Arcade.

Sonic is an iconic video game character that's seen somewhat of a resurgence in recent years. Case in point, there are a couple of animated shows starring Sonic on the streaming service, Netflix, such as Sonic X and Sonic Boom. Thus, your child might already be familiar with who Sonic is and what this blue-colored little hedgehog can do.

While there are no classic Sonic games available on the Apple Arcade, there is Sonic Racing, which is the next best thing.

Fun with easy controls, Sonic Racing lets you race as and against the likes of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, and more, as you try to grab as many rings as you can while you avoid traps with your car.

Cat Quest 2

The great thing about Cat Quest 2 is that you can help your kid out and play together with them.

RPGs and kids don't usually mix well. These types of games usually take a while to get fun. However, for older kids, Cat Quest 2 is a great way to introduce them to a beautiful game genre. It comes with the requisite adorable graphics that makes it appealing to the eyes of children and it's not afraid to not take itself too seriously with the occasional feline pun.

Perhaps the best part about Cat Quest 2 though is that its cute aesthetics hides a deep and complex RPG that takes players through numerous dungeons filled with all sorts of monsters.

In Cat Quest 2, players can take control of the feline protagonist and switch to its canine companion. However, Cat Quest 2 is arguably best enjoyed with someone else in co-op gameplay, so it's a great bonding activity between parents and children.

Butter Royale

Butter Royale is a relatively tame battle royale with little to no toxicity within its community.

With Fortnite out of the question and PUBG Mobile proving a bit too violent for children, Butter Royale is an excellent alternative.

Make no mistake. We're not just recommending Butter Royale because Fortnite and PUBG Mobile aren't part of Apple Arcade. We'd still recommend Butter Royale even if both were part of its library and the reason is simple - it's a game that revolves around fighting other people with food.

Seriously. What could be more fun than that? Kids will love the colorful aesthetics of Butter Royale. Not to mention, it lets them choose from over 50 playable characters and pits them against a total of 31 other players. As a bonus, Butter Royale has other game modes as well and more than hundreds of items to unlock.

With rounds that last just a few minutes each, Butter Royale is the perfect game for your kids to play as you take a breather.

Survival Z

In case you're wary about letting your child play too long, Survival Z keeps levels short at just around 5 minutes max.

Don't let the generic name fool you, Survival Z is an addicting tower-defense title masked as a cartoonish child-friendly game that's about keeping zombies away.

Now, if this all sounds all too familiar, then you're probably. It does sound like the premise of Plants vs Zombies. But, unlike PopCap Games' take on the tower defense genre, Survival Z features a more traditional tower defense gameplay loop. Although this does mean that Survival Z can prove to be a bit too difficult at later levels, it remains an excellent way to get your kids thinking about what to do next to win.

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Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a mellow game designed specifically to promote conserving the environment.

The good thing about Apple Arcade is that it's filled with games that probably wouldn't have seen the light of day on other platforms.

Case in point, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure.

While this isn't to say that Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a bad game, there's a reason why it took Nintendo decades to finally release a sequel to Pokemon Snap.

Similar to Pokemon Snap, in Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, you're put in the shoes of a young girl armed with nothing but a huge heart and a smartphone camera. Your goal is to protect the environment by documenting the wildlife living on your home island.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a feel-good game that will help teach your kid the right values and might even leave you wanting to change the world yourself.

Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker

Just as the name suggests, Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker lets you make and take your own adventures.

Whereas other games in the Apple Arcade let you go on grand adventures, Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker lets you create your own epic journey.

From building your own levels to creating challenges that you can share with your friends and other players, Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker lets you build anything from your own fairy tale to a world-saving quest.

If your kid is more of the creative kind, Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker should be perfect for them.

What The Golf?

The best thing about What The Golf? is that there's a fair amount of dad jokes that your child surely can relate to.

Most kids can't be bothered to play a game of gold. Adults don't even like playing golf. It's slow, boring, and generally, not fun.

We say generally because some golf games tend to buck the trend. Case in point, What the Golf?

Just as the name suggests, you'll be questioning if you're actually playing a game of golf or not in this genuinely funny take on golf that takes you through a journey composed of dozens of levels that's quite unlike any other.

Beyond Blue

If your kid likes watching nature documentaries, there's a huge chance that they'll love playing Beyond Blue.

Most kids don't really like watching documentaries unless it involves oceans and animals. If that's the case, then they won't hesitate to watch it on loop. This is arguably why the BAFTA-winning Blue Planet series was so popular among kids.

So, you can only imagine just how big of a smile there will be on your kid's face if you let them play something like that but in video game form.

A visual feast regardless of whether you're playing on an iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Apple TV, Beyond Blue will take you through eight ocean locations that the developers actually asked the makers of Blue Planet, BBC Studios, among others, to help them with.

Assemble with Care

Assemble with Care is just as much a game about fixing broken items as it is about repairing relationships.

The art of fixing is no longer as highly appreciated today as it was before. Most consumer goods today are built to be replaced once they are broken. This is why Assemble with Care stands out so much as a good game for kids and adults alike in the Apple Arcade library.

In Assemble with Care, players will take on the role of Maria, a young woman who travels all over the world fixing things. At the first glance, Assemble with Care looks like a game where all you have to do is to fix statues, cassette players, and everything else in between. But, later on, it becomes clear that you're not just fixing broken stuff - you're also repairing relationships too.

Similar to Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, Assemble with Care is a feel-good guy that will leave you satisfied and happy by the time you finish playing it two hours later.

Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run is a great introduction to kids on how frustratingly enjoyable some games can be.

Chameleon Run is a relatively recent arrival to the Apple Arcade library, which is arguably long overdue.

A multiplayer "autorunner" platform game, Chameleon Run has you racing against other AI and/or players. Although that premise isn't necessarily new, what makes Chameleon Run different is that you have to leap and land on platforms and lanes that match your racer's colors so you can proceed and take the lead.

Because the race isn't as straightforward as just taking the lead, Chameleon Run is a fun and frustrating game to play that's perfect for commutes with the kids.

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